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 Sadion Ka Beta Urdu Novel

Sadion ka beta novel the story of a young man who has lived for centuries and whose strength is unparalleled. A story that begins with a airplane crash. A professor traveling on a airplane with his two daughters, while saving life from other peoples and search for the population, they reaches a cave where there is a liquid in a large jar and a human body is buried in it. It happened that they were afraid to see him and then that person came back to life and after that he served them and he starts telling the story of his life, which is a story that spans the horizons, meanwhile, centuries pass by listening to the story. 

Sadion ka beta the story of a man who was not affected by the weather, who was not affected by fire, water and iron weapons, who had no second in strength, a man whose body had the strength of hundreds of men.

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Sadion Ka Beta Novel Details

Book name: Sadion ka beta 

Size: 23.55 mb

Pages: 320

Parts: 5

Writer: MA Rahat

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And many more novels written by MA Rahat. 

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Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


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Aqabla Novel Download PDF

 Aqabla Urdu Novel

Aqabla is a very beautiful novel and it is a sensational novel.  If you like novels that are full of curiosity and about forests and wild people, magicians, etc., then you will not find a better novel than this novel. A story full of sensation, every page of which will force you to be shocked. A story that changes color gradually, a story immersed in the charm of seas, forests and valleys.

After their “Aqba” is present service. The series of `Aqbla” also continued for a long time in `Sabrang Digest”.  In those days, readers used to wait for “Aqabla” with great eagerness… I know some people who were waiting for ‘Aqabla’ and ‘Them’ ….  Despite being busy with his duties day and night, he used to find time to be interested in “Aqabla”.  In public and openly, they seem to be ahead in the list of “nonsense” and “nonsense” literature, but in their privacy they also read the same type of stories with great taste and passion. I personally think that this literature may be.  Some of the elders read “fiction” as literature, but they shy away from admitting it as literature, lest they be accused of impoliteness. Look at your own…

Aqabla Story

The story of a young man that begins with a dream and that young man travels to Africa in pursuit of the realization of that dream and the hardships he faces in the process and ends when he meets a young woman whose beauty  Immortal is the most beautiful woman in the world. A story that is both a love story and the charm and mystery of ancient African enchanted forests.

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Aqabla Novel Details

Book Name: Aqabla
Size: 10
Pages: 479
Writer: Anwar Siddique 

How to download Aqabla Novel

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Aqabla part 1

Aqabla part 2

Hamzad Novel PDF Download free

Hamzad Novel

If we mention some famous novels, the name of Hamzad novel must come among them, a best novel, a masterpiece of Urdu literature with very good editing. Hamzad novel is a novel with an excellent story which you will definitely enjoy reading and if you start reading it then you will leave only after finishing this novel. An interesting novel that has twists and turns in the story that make you curious and want to see what happens next. Read the novel and if you want to read more such novels keep visiting

Hamzad Novel Facts

This novel is little different then others. Every page of this hamzad novel makes you curious and the story of this hamzad novel is a unique story.

Hamzad Novel Details

Book: Hamzad
Pages: 271
Size: 16.51 MB
Writer: Shamim Naveed

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1: Hamzad Ki Wapsi Novel
2: Zanjeer Novel
3: Sarbaz Novel
4: Abana Novel
5: Abu ulhol Novel

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Janoon Ki Akhri Had Download Urdu PDF Novel

 Janoon Ki Akhri Had

This is a one the best novel of Urdu literature you can read and download ” Janoon ki Akhri had” novel here on Pakurdulabs.


This novel is an interesting novel written by Huma Rabab the last limit of madness which you will enjoy reading.


This is the story of a poor girl who, in order to cure her mother meets a man who changes her entire life. If someone tries to snatch it that is the last day of his life.


Name: “Janoon ki akhri had” 
Writer: Huma Rubab
Pages: 345

Size: 36.74mb

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