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 Sadion Ka Beta Urdu Novel

Sadion ka beta novel the story of a young man who has lived for centuries and whose strength is unparalleled. A story that begins with a airplane crash. A professor traveling on a airplane with his two daughters, while saving life from other peoples and search for the population, they reaches a cave where there is a liquid in a large jar and a human body is buried in it. It happened that they were afraid to see him and then that person came back to life and after that he served them and he starts telling the story of his life, which is a story that spans the horizons, meanwhile, centuries pass by listening to the story. 

Sadion ka beta the story of a man who was not affected by the weather, who was not affected by fire, water and iron weapons, who had no second in strength, a man whose body had the strength of hundreds of men.

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Sadion Ka Beta Novel Details

Book name: Sadion ka beta 

Size: 23.55 mb

Pages: 320

Parts: 5

Writer: MA Rahat

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