Etisalat best data packages 2023

 Etisalat 30 GB New Offer 2023

Etisalat is the largest network in UAE with millions of users. And the users of Etisalat’s large network are always looking for new packages released by Etisalat and our website guides you and we always update you with new packages of Etisalat and you get the latest packages of Etisalat. All new arrivals are exposed to the packages.

Etisalat Data Packages 2024

There categories of packages where you can find different type of packages.

1: Daily data offers
2: weekly data offers
3: Monthly data offers
4: Monthly per day data offers

Etisalat Daily data offers
In daily data offers you can get a data bundle which is valid for 12 hours or 24 hours.
There are two type of packages in Etisalat daily data offers.
12 Hours 
24 Hours. 

Etisalat Weekly  Data Offers

In Weekly data offers you can get data which is valid for 7 days. 
In these packages your data bundle will expired after the 7th day’s night 12 o’clock. 

Etisalat Monthly Data Offers

 In Etisalat monthly data offers you can get data bundles for a month. 
There are two type of Etisalat monthly data plans.
30 Days data bundle
28 days data bundle
In 30 days data bundle your data bundle valid for 30 days and will expire after the 30th night 12 o’clock. 
And in 28 days data bundle your bundle will expire after 28th night 12 o’clock.

Etisalat 30 GB Data Offer

In 30 gb data offer you can get 30 gb data for 30 days just in 30 AED but there is one condition this data offer not for everyone. 
This offer is only for eligible Etisalat users you can check your eligibility to type this subscription code. If you are eligible Etisalat 30gb data package will be activated and if you are not eligible you will receive a masage “Dear Etisalat Customer,your account is not eligible for this offer. Please dial *050# to get your Smiles Deal of the Day”. 

How To Subscribe Etisalat 30GB Data Package 

To subscribe special etisalat 30gb data offer
Type “30GB2” and send it to 1204.

It’s done your package will be activated in a minute. 

Other Etisalat Useful Packages

Etisalat international call package 2023

 ➡️8 files call package for Pakistan 
To subscribe type APAK1 and send 1204.

➡️11 fils call package for Pakistan. 
To subscribe type 11PAK send it to 1204.

Etisalat local call packages 

 ➡️Get 75 local minutes just 15 AED for 28 days. 
To subscribe type LM75 send it to 1204.

➡️Get 30 local minutes just in 7 AED for 7 days.
To subscribe type LW30 and send it to 1204.
➡️Get 500 Local minutes to call your Favourite Etisalat number at only AED 13 plus tax valid for 28 days. To activate this offer send an SMS with the keyword “FV500” to 1204 and we will guide you to set your favourite number.

Etisalat local data package 

➡️Get 150 GB data in 250 AED for 90 days 
To subscribe type MD150 and send it to 1204.

➡️Get unlimited data 150MB 
Slow speed and after 150 unlimited 64kb speed data just in 35 AED. 
To subscribe type “NS50” and send it 1204.

➡️Get 30GB data just in 20 AED for 30 days 1 GB data daily for 30 days. 
To subscribe type 30GB1 send it to 1204.

➡️Get 300GB data just in 350 AED for 90 days. 
To subscribe type MD300 send it to 1204. 

Etisalat Social Data offers

➡️Get 30 gb social data for 30 days just in 45 AED to subscribe this offer dial *101*3030#.
This is only social data offer you can use this internet data to use Apps (Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, WeChat, Snapchat, Instagram), GoChat Messenger and Internet Calling Plan Apps EVERY DAY for 28 days.

➡️Special Offer! Enjoy 1 GB Social data in AED 20, valid for 28 days. Plan will Auto-Renew. To subscribe this social data offer, send PS20 to 1204.

How To Get Etisalat Free Minutes 

To get free etisalat international and local minutes to select destination send FF20 to 1204 and after this recharge 25 AED or you will get free minutes these minutes you can use for local and international calling also. 

How To Get Etisalat Free Internet

To get etisalat free internet there are several methods follow these methods to get free internet. 

 Refer and earn
Refer any friend for any monthly etisalat internet data if your friend subscribe etisalat monthly internet package with your reference you will get free data and 10% free allowance and your friend also will get free data. 
Dial *101*121# get your unique referring id and start referring now. 

Invite And Get Free Data

Invite your friend to install Etisalat UAE app and get you and your friend both free 1 gb full speed data valid for 3 days. 

How To Subscribe Etisalat Packages 

To subscribe to Etisalat UAE monthly data packages, follow these steps:
1. Dial *170#, *101#, *050# from your Etisalat SIM card.
2. Choose the “Data Packages” option from the menu and select the monthly package that suits your needs.
3. You will be given a list of available monthly data packages to choose from. Select the package you want to subscribe to.
4. After selecting the package, you will be asked to confirm your subscription. Confirm it by replying with ‘1’.
5. You will receive a confirmation message once the subscription is successful.
Alternatively, you can also subscribe to Etisalat UAE monthly data packages through the My Etisalat UAE App or by logging on to their website. Simply follow the instructions on the app or website to select the package you want and complete the subscription process.
Please note that the steps above are only general guidelines and may vary depending on your location or the specific package you want to subscribe to. If you’re having trouble subscribing to Etisalat UAE’s monthly data packages, it’s best to contact their customer service for assistance.

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