Kiran Digest March 2024 Download PDF Free

Kiran Digest March 2024 

Kiran Digest March 2024 

Good news for Kiran Digest readers that the Kiran Digest of this month i.e. March 2024 has arrived and you can download this digest from here and also read it online.

Kiran Digest Content

  • Interviews
  • Novel
  • Novelt
  • Mukamal Novel
  • Afsaney
  • Kiran Kitab
  • Mustakil silsaley

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Kiran Digest March 2024 Stories 

1. Taash ghar by Aimal Raza

2. Daman e sahab by Mahwish Iftakhar

3. Sapasguzar by Maimona Sadaf (Novelt)

Mukamal Novels

4. Mujhey Tawan kia do ge by Nighat Seema 

5. Aik bench 2 ajnabi by Asia Raees Khan


1. Super Astar bhabhi by Nafeesa Saeed
2. Eidi by Nazeer Fatima
3. Sughar larki by Nazneen Fardos
4. Reminder by Qurat ul Ain Khuram Hashmi
5. Diya jalaye rakhna by Qanta Rabia
6. Abba ji ki dulhan by Andleeb Zehra

Kiran Digest March 2024 Details 

Book size: 43.29 MB
Book pages: 206
Stories: 11

Download Kiran Digest March 2024

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Kiran Digest August 2023 PDF Download Free


 Kiran Digest August 2023

As always, Kiran Digest August 2023 is a collection of interesting stories. In Kiran Digest August 2023, you will get to read many interesting stories, most of which are complete stories, while you will get to read a few series of stories. All the stories are written by famous writers of Pakistan.

Kiran Digest August 2023 Top Story

Taash Ghar

Chand Bibi is an elderly and bald woman. During the partition of 47, Chand’s family migrated from India to Pakistan.  Chand’s father Abu Din, brother Bastam, three aunts, their six daughters and the servant boy Rajaban… This family is allotted a Lakshmi mansion in the city of Havelian.  The name of which they change to Deen Haveli.  One night Chand finds a girl lying in a basket at the threshold of the mansion.  Despite the opposition of Deen Baba, Chand adopts the girl with the permission of her fiance Iltmish and names the girl Sandal.

Read full story on pdf Kiran digest August 2023. 

How To Read Kiran Digest August 2023

A Kiran Digest August 2023 is usually a few hundred pages long and all the stories are written in an order and this order is listed in the opening pages of the digest from where you can find any story.  You can easily read the story by looking at the page number.

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Kiran Digest August 2023  Details 

Pages: 221
Author: Pakurdulabs
Book Size: 41 MB
Stories: 12
Famous Writer: Umm E Hani

Kiran Digest August 2023 Stories List

  • 1: Tash Ghar by Aimal Raza
  • 2: Daman E Sahab by Mahwish Iftikhar 
  • 3: Man Mast Malang by Sumaira Sarfraz
  • 4: Zeest Khush Rang hai by Sadaf Umar
  • 5: Sapas Guzar by Memona Sadaf

  • 6: Rim Jhim Barish by Nazneen Fardos
  • 7: Aik Din Bachpan ka by Qaba Ali
  • 8: Aik Tareefi Jumla by Umm E Hani
  • 9: Mamu Ki Dulhan by Humaira Shafeeh
  • 10: Naqal by Zartashia Noman
  • 11: Khushbo ki Ahat by Andleeb zahra
  • 12: Hikmat E Amli by Rashda Rifat

How To Download Kiran Digest August 2023 

To download Kiran Digest August 2023  scroll to the bottom of this page and wait for 20 seconds to complete, once the time is up you will see a download Now button, press it and the download will begin.

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How To Read Online Kiran Digest August 2023 

If you want to read Kiran Digest August 2023 without downloading, press the read online button on the page and read the Kiran Digest August 2023 online.

Why You Read Kiran Digest Monthly 

Kiran Digest August 2023  is a monthly digest, that’s why the best stories published on it are usually serials, to read which you need to buy each month’s digest and for your convenience, we upload Kiran Digest August 2023 on PakUrdulabs every month. so that you can get Kiran Digest August 2023 for easy reading.


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Kiran Digest September 2023 | Download PDF Free

 Kiran Digest, September 2023

Kiran Digest is a monthly Urdu digest or magazine that is popular in Pakistan. It primarily caters to a female audience and contains a variety of content such as short stories, novels, poetry, recipes, beauty tips, and articles on different topics of interest to women.

Each issue of Kiran Digest typically includes a mix of fiction and non-fiction content, making it a source of entertainment and information for its readers. It often features serialized novels or novellas written by well-known Urdu writers and poets. The digest has been a staple in Pakistani households for many years and has a dedicated readership.

How to Download Kiran Digest September 2023 in PDF Format

Kiran Digest September 2023 is available for downloading.
There are three main stories in September 2023 Digest.
We are here to provide you best high quality Kiran Digest September 2023.

Kiran Digest has been a beloved source of literary and informative content for readers in Pakistan for many years. Each monthly issue is eagerly anticipated, and the September 2023 edition is no exception. If you’re looking to get your hands on Kiran Digest September 2023 in PDF format, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will guide you through the process of downloading this exciting issue for your reading pleasure.

How to Download Kiran Digest September 2023

The first step in downloading Kiran Digest September 2023 in PDF format is to visit the official website. The official website is not only a reliable source but also ensures the security of your download. It’s the safest way to access the content you desire.

Finding the September 2023 Kiran Digest

Once you’re on the official Kiran Digest website, you’ll need to locate the September 2023 issue. Typically, there will be an archive section or a search bar that you can use to find the specific edition you’re looking for.

You can simply enter “Kiran Digest September 2023” in the search bar, and it should bring up the relevant results. Click on the link to access the details of the issue.

Downloading the Kiran Digest September PDF

Now that you’ve found the September 2023 Digest, you’ll need to proceed with the download. Many publications, including Kiran Digest, offer PDF versions of their magazines for readers’ convenience.

Look for the download options, which often include PDF format. Click on the PDF download link or button, and the file should start downloading to your device.

Troubleshooting and Tip To Download Kiran Digest

While downloading the PDF is usually a straightforward process, you may encounter some issues. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Check if you have sufficient storage space on your device.
  • Make sure your PDF reader software is up-to-date.
  • If there are any subscription or payment requirements, follow the necessary steps.

Alternative Sources

In some cases, you might find Kiran Digest September 2023 PDF downloads on other platforms or websites. However, it’s essential to exercise caution when using alternative sources. These sources may not be official, and the content may not be secure or authentic.

We strongly recommend using the official Kiran Digest website to ensure you’re getting the legitimate and high-quality PDF version.

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Kiran Digest June 2023 Download PDF

 Kiran Digest June 2013

Kiran Digest is a famous monthly Urdu language Pakistani women’s fashion and entertainment digest. It was first published in 1978 and has since become popular among readers for its diverse content including stories, novels, poetry, fashion, and beauty tips. Kiran Digest includes a collection of Urdu novelties and short stories written by famous Pakistani authors. The magazine also includes articles on various topics related to women’s interest, such as health, beauty, fashion, and cooking. Many people in Pakistan and around the world enjoy reading Kiran Digest monthly.

It mainly features stories, novels, articles, and poems written by well-known Urdu writers. The magazine is popular among Urdu readers, especially women, and covers various genres such as Romantic, Suspense and Mystery, Horror, and Social issues.

Kiran Digests Content

Each copy of Kiran Digest usually includes a short stories, novels, moral stories, and social issues, among other content. Many of the popular writers whose work has been featured in Kiran Digest include Umera Ahmed, Nimra Ahmed, Aneeza Syed, Farhat Ishtiaq, Sadia Raees, and many others.

The kiran digest also includes helpful tips on cooking, fashion, beauty, and health, making it a complete read for women of all ages.  Overall, Kiran Digest has a wide readership in Pakistan and is well appreciated for its entertaining and best informative content.

Kiran Digest Jun 2023 Stories List

Top: Taash Ghar

1: Namkeen Panion Ka Safar

2: Han Mujhey Dair Hui

3: Roshan Zindagi Ka Charagh

4: Susral Genda Phool

5: Manjhli Baho

6: Yeh To Hona He Tha

7: Paristan 

8: Haseen e Aalam

9: Z se Zarf

10: Kiran Kiran Khushbo

11: Yadon K Dareechey

12: Moti Chunney Hain

13: Naamey Merey Naam

Kiran Digest Jun 2023 Writers 

Top: Aimal Raza

1: Munam Malik

2: Nosheen Fiaz

3: Ambreen Abdal

4: Javeria Mariam

5: Zarqa Sikandar

6: Tanzeela Ahmed

7: Humaira Aleem

8: Nazneen Fardos

9: Rakhshi Qaisrani

10: Shuaa Umair

11: Bushra Mehmood

12: Idara

13: Mudeera Kiran

How To Download Kiran Digest Jun 2023

To download kiran digest jun 2023 scroll down the page to bottom and find the download button click on this button download will start automatically. 

How To Read Online Kiran Digest Jun 2023 

If you like to read online kiran digest jun 2023 just find the read online button click on it and enjoy kiran digest jun 2023 pdf free.

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Kiran Digest May 2023 Download PDF


Kiran Digest May 2023

 Best Beautiful and Unique Digest Kiran Digest is always a collection of best stories with unique beautiful covers.  While Jasoosi Digest, Suspense Digest, Khawateen Digest, Sarguzasht digest and Shuaa Digest are the most famous and most read digests in Pakistan. Kiran Digest is not less famous and has thousands of readers.

 Kiran Digest is a little different from other digests and the stories you will find in it will be a little different from the rest.

 This digest quickly reached the heights of popularity in short time.

 Kiran Digest is published once a month and is published on the last date of each month or on the first date of the current month.

 Kiran Digest is available for reading on the first dates of the month and you can buy it from all major bookstores. If you want yo read online then visit PakUrdulabs to read online Kiran digest may 2023.


Book: Kiran Digest may 2023
Pages: 226
Size: 13 MB
Stories: 10
Publisher: Karachi. 
Author: PakUrdulabs

Top Writers Of Kiran Digest may 2023

1: Shaheen Rasheed

2: Sadaf Ashan
3: Sonya Rabani
4: Aimal Raza
5: Mahwish Iftakhar
6: Mansha
7: Hamera Shafi
8: Hodia Batool
9: Nazeer Fatima
10: Andleeb Zehra

Novel List of Kiran Digest May 2023

1: Namkeen paniyon ka safar
2: Mohabbat khuwab umeed
3: Kabhi Kabhi
4: Taash ghar
5: Daman e sihab
6: Law
7: Happy new year 
8: Soney k jhumkey
9: Sawal
10: Aatka ki kahani

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How To Download Kiran Digest May 2023 Free

Kiran Digest may 2023 is simple to download you have to scroll down to following page and on the bottom you will see a download button press it and digest will be start downloading automatically. 

Kiran Digest May 2023

Kiran Digest May 2023 you will get in high quality pdf and best format which you can read on your phone or computer. Kiran digest may 2023 is a collection of best trending stories and stories of top writers of Pakistan you can read on PakUrdulabs

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Read Online Kiran Digest April 2023 Free

You can download Kiran Digest may 2023 as well as you can read kiran digest may 2023 online on PakUrdulabs without downloading and for that you will not face any problem you have to scroll down the page and at the end of the page , you can see the read online button to click on this button and kiran digest may 2023 will open front of you in high quality pdf. 

Important Note
We are not the publisher of this digest or any digest uploaded on PakUrdulabs and we are just sharing the link. We are doing all this for the convenience of the readers.

If you have any questions or would like to renew a novel or digest from our website, please contact us.

Kiran Digest April 2023 Pdf Download And Read Online


Jasoosi digest 

 Kiran Digest is a one of the most popular magazines in Pakistan with millions of readers per month and a huge number of likes.

 Kiran Digest is a Pakistani monthly published as a fictional digest from Karachi.  It is a family magazine that publishes fiction.

 This digest quickly reached the heights of popularity.

 Kiran Digest is published monthly. Monthly Kiran Digest consists of one or two episodes and 9 to 10 short stories.

 This digest is published before the first date of the end of each month and you can get it from all major bookstores and if you want to read it online, you can read it from PakUrdulabs website after the 10th of each month.


Book: Kiran Digest April 2023
Pages: 210
Size: 49 MB
Stories: 9
Publisher: Karachi. 

Top Writers

Nabeela Aziz, Fozia Yasmeen, Shagufta Bhatti etc.

Content List of Kiran Digest April 2023

1: Guman ki Ahahat
2: Ganwa kar dil o jan hum
3: Dasht e uljhan ka sitara
4: Daman e Sahab
5: Taash ghar
6: Kiran kiran khushbo
7: Yadon k dareechey
8: Moti bechney hain
9: Namey merey naam

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How To Download Free

Kiran Digest April 2023 is very easy to download you have to scroll down to this page and finally you will see a download button press it and your digest will start downloading automatically to your phone Or will be saved in the computer.

Kiran Digest April 2023

Kiran Digest April 2023 you will get in best quality and good format which you can read on your phone or PC.  This digest is a collection of top trending stories and stories of famous writers of Pakistan you can read here. If we talk about some of the best and historical novels published on Kiran Digest, they include Mamta, Samney kuch dikhta kuch, Pachtawa, Pars, Mohabbat ik wasila hai and Ishq aatish etc.

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Read Online Kiran Digest April 2023 Free

Here you can download Kiran Digest April 2023 as well as you can read this digest online here without downloading and for that you will not face any problem you have to scroll down the page and at the end of the page , the read online button will appear, press it and at the same time the digest will appear in front of you and you will be able to easily read Kiran Digest April 2023 page by page.

Important Note
We are not the publisher of this digest or any digest uploaded on Pak Urdu Labs and we are just sharing the link.  And we are doing all this for the convenience of the readers.

If you have any questions or would like to renew a novel or digest from our website, please contact us.