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Umro Or Shahnshah Afrasiyab Qaid Mein

 My third novel in the joint series of Umro Ayar and Shahensha Afrasiab is “Umro and Shahensha Afrasiab are in prison. You have read two novels of this style before this. In these two novels, the campaign of Umro Ayar and Shahensha Afrasiab is  It would have been the same where their begums were also present with them, but both of them are enemies of each other, whereas in the present novel, these two eternal enemies and their begums become friends with each other from the beginning of the campaign and it’s funny. Umro Ayyar and his begum Chand Tara shower flowers on Emperor Afrasiab and Queen Hira Jadoo and Emperor Afrasiab and his begum Queen Hira Jadoo give precious rings to both of them.

Umro or Shehanshah Afrasiyab qaid mein

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 Why not amazing and fun.  But how did all this happen when Umro Ayyar and Shahensha Afrasiab were each other’s worst enemies in the novels, how were they forced to be friends with each other? You will know this only by reading the novel. I try to make my readers aware of this.  To write new style novels which you have not read before.

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Book Size: 4.61 MB
Book Writer: Syed Ali Hassan Gillani
Pages: 252
Series: Umro Ayyar
Posted By: Pakurdulabs

Story Umro Or Shehanshah Afrasiyab Qaid Mein

There were long mountain ranges on all sides and the mountains were gray in color. It was very hot on these mountains because they were dry and dry and there was no sign of green anywhere on them and it was a very remote and terrible place where traveling was not an easy task because there was no drinking water anywhere. There was no such thing as there were no animals here that could be hunted and quench their hunger, so it was called the Valley of Death because the traveler who came here could not find anything but death. Read the full story and download the pdf book.

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