Sanson mein basa tera naam novel by Farwa Khalid pdf

Sanson Mein Basa Tera Naam Novel

Sansan Mein Basa Tera Naam Novel is a beautiful novel full of love and romance.  If you are fond of reading thriller novels then this will be a perfect novel for you.

Sanson Mein Basa Tera Naam Novel Plot

 The second watch of the night was going on. The universe of every hundred was overshadowed.  Darkness and deep silence was sitting all over the camp. The roads and streets were completely deserted and there was no sign of a soul.

There was a black bungalow standing in full glory on one side which seemed to be a part of the same environment. But there was also a secret part of that huge bungalow where at that time people dressed in brown uniforms were running after a masked man dressed in black with guns raised.

Who had committed the sin of entering the black bungalow by breaking the strictest security. He was about to jump over the straw while avoiding the constant barrage of bullets when the people coming behind him very quickly targeted him.

 The bullet from the man’s gun pierced the masked man’s arm and weakened his grip on his hands but this one bullet could not harm the man he was used to suffering more than this from the arm. Despite the bleeding and the pain he was in he wasted no time jumping out of the window with the whole army of guards outside ready to catch him. Couldn’t stop hiding behind the thick trees he tied a cloth tightly on his arm.

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