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Aqabla is a very beautiful novel and it is a sensational novel.  If you like novels that are full of curiosity and about forests and wild people, magicians, etc., then you will not find a better novel than this novel. A story full of sensation, every page of which will force you to be shocked. A story that changes color gradually, a story immersed in the charm of seas, forests and valleys.

After their “Aqba” is present service. The series of `Aqbla” also continued for a long time in `Sabrang Digest”.  In those days, readers used to wait for “Aqabla” with great eagerness… I know some people who were waiting for ‘Aqabla’ and ‘Them’ ….  Despite being busy with his duties day and night, he used to find time to be interested in “Aqabla”.  In public and openly, they seem to be ahead in the list of “nonsense” and “nonsense” literature, but in their privacy they also read the same type of stories with great taste and passion. I personally think that this literature may be.  Some of the elders read “fiction” as literature, but they shy away from admitting it as literature, lest they be accused of impoliteness. Look at your own…

Aqabla Story

The story of a young man that begins with a dream and that young man travels to Africa in pursuit of the realization of that dream and the hardships he faces in the process and ends when he meets a young woman whose beauty  Immortal is the most beautiful woman in the world. A story that is both a love story and the charm and mystery of ancient African enchanted forests.

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Aqabla Novel Details

Book Name: Aqabla
Size: 10
Pages: 479
Writer: Anwar Siddique 

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