Jasoosi Digest April 2024 Free Download PDF

 Jasoosi Digest April 2024 

Jasoosi Digest April 2024 

Jasoosi Digest April 2024 is a collection of many interesting and sensational stories and in it you will get to read the stories of the most famous writers of Pakistan.  Among them names like Abdul Rab Bhatti, Kashif Zubair Hussam Butt and MA Rahat are prominent.

If you are eager to read Jasoosi digest then you can buy it at home from daraz and if you want to read it online then on our website you will get to read all digest before every 10th.

Jasoosi Digest April 2024 Details 

Book: Jasoosi Digest April 2024 

Size: 51MB

Pages: 206

Stories: 12

Jasoosi Digest April 2024 Stories

Names and details of all stories will be provided as soon as the digest is uploaded.

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If you’re into reading Urdu books, Pakurdulabs has got you covered! You can grab your free copy of Jasoosi Digest April 2024 and dive into a treasure trove of Urdu literature. From thrilling jasoosi novels to heartwarming social stories we have got it all including books for kids educational reads and even health guides. Explore our collection of Imran Series Inspector Jamshed Series and more. Whether you’re into poetry comedy or Islamic literature there’s something here for everyone.

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Download Jasoosi Digest April 2024

You can download Jasoosi Digest April 2024 PDF by click the download button here on this page find the download button and click on it your Jasoosi Digest April 2024 will be downloaded automatically.

Download Jasoosi Digest March 2024 Free PDF

 Jasoosi Digest March 2024

Jasoosi Digest March 2024 

Jasoosi Digest is a monthly Urdu magazine featuring short stories novels poetry and celebrity interviews.

For Urdu literature enthusiasts Jasoosi Digest holds a special place. This monthly Digest established in the 20th century has captivated readers for decades with its diverse interesting content.

Jasoosi Digest March 2024 Content

Jasoosi Digest read by a wide audience. Whether you crave the heart pounding suspense of a detective story the emotional depth of a novel or the lyrical beauty of poetry the Jasoosi digest offers something for everyone. Short stories captivating novels serialized across issues and thought provoking poems fill its pages.

Jasoosi Digest March 2024 Details

Book: Jasoosi Digest 2024 March

Size: 52MB

Pages: 182

Stories: 11

Beyond Fiction

Jasoosi Digest isn’t confined to fictional worlds. Celebrity interviews bring readers face to face with their favorite stars offering a glimpse into their lives and creative processes. The Jasoosi digest might also delve into social issues or historical events sparking curiosity and igniting discussions.

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A Legacy of Words

Jasoosi Digest boasts a rich history of talented writers. Renowned authors like Muhi ud din nawab, Kashif Zubair and MA Rahat have graced its pages leaving a lasting impact on Urdu literature. Each issue becomes a treasure trove not just for entertainment but also for the literary gems it presents.

Finding Your Copy Of Jasoosi Digest March 2024

Here’s the key change to avoid promoting unauthorized downloads

Instead of mentioning downloadding you can guide readers toward legitimate sources

  • Look for Jasoosi Digest at bookstores or newsstands specializing in Urdu publications.
  • Many online retailers offer physical and digital subscriptions to the magazine.
  • Jasoosi Digest Publications might have a website where you can explore purchase options.

By supporting authorized channels you ensure the continued success of Jasoosi Digest and the writers who bring its stories to life.

Jasoosi Digest March 2024 uploaded you can download now.

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Jasoosi Digest February 2024 Free Download PDF

Jasoosi Digest February 2024 Free Download PDF

Are you a fan of Urdu detective stories and eagerly awaiting the latest issue of Jasoosi Digest? Look no further this post provides information on how to access Jasoosi Digest February 2024 for free both online and through download.

What is Jasoosi Digest?

Jasoosi Digest is a popular monthly Urdu magazine featuring captivating detective stories and suspenseful thrillers. Each issue offers a collection of original fiction keeping readers on the edge of their seats as they follow the adventures of various detectives and unravel mysteries.

Stories Of This Month Jasoosi Digest

1. Aabi Qayamat

2. Gandey Andey

3. Umeed Ka Minar

4. Humdam

5. Dehr

6. Muharat

7. Marg E Mafajat

8. Qatil Masiha

9. Kali Kokh

10. Mafroor

11. Qatal E Dil O Jan

12. Maqtol E Wafa

Free Access to Jasoosi Digest February 2024

This website Pakurdulabs offers free access to Jasoosi Digest February 2024 PDF free. You can choose from these two convenient options

  • Read Online: Click the provided link and enjoy the digest directly on your web browser. This is a great option for immediate access and requires no downloading.
  • Download PDF: Download the digest in PDF format to your device for offline reading. This option allows you to save the issue and read it at your convenience even without an internet connection.

Important Note

While Pakurdulabs offers free access to Jasoosi Digest February 2024 they encourage supporting writers and publishers by purchasing original books and magazines whenever possible. This disclaimer emphasizes their commitment to responsible access and respect for intellectual property.

Additional Information:

  • Category: Monthly Digest
  • Format: PDF (download) or online reading
  • Content: Original Urdu detective stories and suspenseful thrillers

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How to Download or Read Online

  1. Click the “Jasoosi Digest February 2024 Free Download” link provided on the website (note: the actual link cannot be included here).
  2. Choose your preferred option:
    • Online reading: The digest will open directly in your web browser.
    • Download PDF: Click the download link and save the PDF file to your device.

Pakurdulabs also offers:

  • A wide collection of free Urdu novels, digests and Islamic books.
  • Regular updates to their website with new content.
  • High quality PDF downloads for easy reading and accessibility.
  • We also offers Technology, Tutorials, Jobs and many more general categories. 

Whether you’re a longtime fan of Jasoosi Digest or a curious newcomer Pakurdulabs provides a convenient and accessible way to experience the thrill of Urdu detective fiction in Jasoosi Digest February 2024.

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Jasoosi Digest Jan 2024 Download PDF Free

Jasoosi Digest Jan 2024

The crisp January air carries a familiar chill, but for fans of Pakistan’s iconic Jasoosi Digest, it signals a different kind of thrill: the arrival of a brand new issue brimming with captivating mysteries! But if you’re finding yourself stumped on where to snag the January 2024 edition, worry not, detective friends! This blog post will be your trusty magnifying glass, guiding you through the digital landscape and revealing the secrets to enjoying Jasoosi Digest Jan 2024 for free, both online and offline!

Jasoosi Digest Jan 2024 Details: What’s in Store?

Get ready to unravel a fresh batch of puzzles and chase cunning criminals alongside iconic detective characters like Inspector Kamal and Bahadur Khan. Whispers suggest the January 2024 issue might feature:

  • A chilling murder in the Murree hills, shrouded in secrets and ancient folklore.

  • A daring heist in Karachi’s bustling streets, where a master thief leaves bafflement in their wake.

  • A thrilling espionage plot, with loyalties tested and national security at stake.

  • New stories from veteran Jasoosi writers

    alongside fresh voices ready to enthrall you.

With each page promising twists, turns, and edge-of-your-seat suspense, January 2024 is shaping up to be a must-read for every Jasoosi aficionado!

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Jasoosi Digest Jan 2024 Stories: Meet the New Masterminds

Prepare to encounter a cast of intriguing characters in this month’s issue, including:

  • A cunning art forger who leaves even the most seasoned detectives bewildered.

  • A shadowy informant with secrets more valuable than gold.

  • A reluctant witness caught in the crossfire of a dangerous power struggle.

  • And of course, our beloved detectives, ready to bring justice and clarity to the chaos.

Get ready to meet these captivating characters and delve into their complex motives and hidden agendas!

Jasoosi Digest Jan 2024 Writers: The Masters of Mystery

January 2024 brings back your favorite Jasoosi writers like the legendary Ibn-e-Safi and Noorul Huda, weaving their signature tales of suspense. But you might also encounter fresh voices, such as:

  • A young detective novelist whose debut story takes the world by storm.

  • A seasoned journalist turning their eye for detail to thrilling fiction.

  • A poet whose lyrical prose infuses the narrative with unexpected beauty.

Be prepared to be surprised, challenged, and captivated by the diverse talents showcased in this month’s issue!

How to Download Jasoosi Digest Jan 2024 Free: Legal and Easy!

Now, onto the part you’ve been waiting for – downloading your free copy of Jasoosi Digest Jan 2024! Here are some safe and legal ways to snag your digital issue:

  • Aurat Foundation Website: The organization behind Jasoosi Digest often offers selected back issues as free PDFs. Check if January 2024 is available!

  • Rekhta: This literary treasure trove has a diverse collection of Urdu reads, including Jasoosi. While not guaranteed, it’s worth a search!

  • National Digital Library of Pakistan: This government initiative boasts an extensive archive of Urdu publications, including digests. Dive in and see if January 2024 awaits!

  • NUST Library: This university library holds a surprising collection of Urdu periodicals. You might just stumble upon your Jasoosi fix here!

Remember, always prioritize legal and ethical download sources. Avoid pirated copies and respect copyright laws.

How To Read Online Jasoosi Digest Jan 2024: Instant Gratification!

If waiting to download isn’t your style, online platforms offer immediate access to the January 2024 issue:

  • Scribd: This document platform offers a free trial, potentially granting you temporary access to the issue. Read away before your trial runs out!

  • Open Library: This non-profit champion of free knowledge might just hold the key to unlocking your digital detective adventure.

Remember, responsible online behavior and respecting copyright are essential!

Download Books From Pakurdulabs: Your Digital Library Awaits!

While Jasoosi Digest is the star of the show, Pakurdulabs offers a vast collection of other Urdu books and resources to explore. Dive into classic novels, discover contemporary poetry, and even brush up on your tech skills with our helpful tutorials.


Jasoosi Digest August 2023 PDF Download Free


 Jasoosi Digest August 2023

As always, Jasoosi Digest is a collection of interesting stories. In this month’s Jasoosi digest, you will get to read many interesting stories, most of which are complete stories, while you will get to read a few series of stories. All the stories are written by famous writers of Pakistan.

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How To Read Jasoosi Digest August 2023

A Jasoosi digest is usually a few hundred pages long and all the stories are written in an order and this order is listed in the opening pages of the Jasoosi digest from where you can find any story.  You can easily read the Jasoosi Digest stories by looking at the page number.

Jasoosi Digest August 2023 Details 

Book name: Jasoosi Digest August 2023 
Pages: 273
Author: Pakurdulabs
Book Size: 55.2 MB
Famous Writer: Kashif Zubair

Jasoosi Digest August 2023 Top Story

Both Shyam and Raj were close friends.  They lived in the same flat for three years and both were unmarried.  They used to use each other’s shirts and ties. Thus… If Raj fell ill, Shyam would take care of him.  If Shyam was drunk, it would have been Raj’s responsibility to take care of him and make him lie down on the bed.  On that day too, Shyam returned at four o’clock in the morning. This was nothing new.
Read full story on Jasoosi Digest August 2023 pdf. 

Jasoosi Digest August 2023 Store List 

  • 1: Shab E Deejor by Asma Qadri
  • 2: Tagram by AR Rajpoot
  • 3: Tadbeer Amli by Aks E Fatima
  • 4: Shohla zan by Robeena Rasheed
  • 5: Shahadat by Imran Qureshi
  • 6: Darindey by Mirza Imran Beg
  • 7: Dehr by Hasam Butt
  • 8: Bila Unwan by Ghazala Zahid
  • 9: Baazi by Khalil Jabbar
  • 10: Khuwabeeda Jazbey by Zoya Safwan
  • 11: Roposh Chahra by Abdul Rab Bhatti

How To Download Jasoosi Digest August 2023

To download Jasoosi Digest scroll to the bottom of this page and wait for 20 seconds to complete, once the time is up you will see a download Now button, press it and the download will begin.

Jasoosi Digest August 2023 Available for download soon…. 

How To Read Online Jasoosi Digest August 2023

If you want to read Jasoosi digest without downloading, press the read online button on the page and read the Jasoosi digest online.

Why You Read Jasoosi Digest Monthly 

Jasoosi Digest is a monthly digest, that’s why the best stories published on it are usually serials, to read these Jasoosi Digest stories you need to buy each month’s digest and for your convenience, we upload Jasoosi Digest on PakUrdulabs every month. so that you can get this digest for easy reading.


On this website you will get to read all types of stories including Jasoosi Digest Suspense Digest Shuaa Digest Khawateen Digest Kiran Digest Sarguzasht Digest and Anchal Digest as well as Imran Series Tarzan Stories Umro Ayyar Stories Anglo Bangla Sheik Chili and Hercules Stories will be read.
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Jasoosi Digest October 2023 | Free Download PDF

Download Jasoosi Digest October 2023 PDF

Jasoosi Digest October 2023 available for reading in PDF format with high quality. 

If are hurry to read Jasoosi Digest October 2023 then you must have to buy the hard copy of this month Jasoosi digest because on our online platform you can’t download 

Jasoosi Digest before of 25th October. 

After 25th October Jasoosi Digest October 2023 will be available here for download. 

Jasoosi Digest October 2023 Main Story

Zinda Murda

The evening of May had fallen. It was half past eight o’clock.  Yesterday, five of them, including Mark, were on the road when they had plenty of time.  At that time, he had an empty coffin and four shovels.  But today, when the green transit van was moving on Six Country Road, the color of the sky had changed and it started raining.  They came yesterday without Michael.  Have we arrived? 

 Jack asked like a child.

 About to arrive” replied Robo. He was driving and had less to drink than the others. He had passed three pubs on the way and four more were on the way.

 Yes, they will arrive.  Josh said.  A deer crossed the road in the light of headlights.  The direction of the paved road was towards the forest.  They passed by a small white cottage.  Michael was lying semi-conscious on the back floor of the van.  “I need another drink,” he stammered.  If he had used his intellect, he would have been sober instead of drunk and would have understood the expressions of the rustlings that something was going to go wrong.  He rarely went to the pub, but at that time he was drunk.

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How to Download Jasoosi Digest October 2023 

Scroll down the page and find the timer wait  for 20 seconds after that when you see the Download Now button click on it and that’s it your download will start automatically. 

How To Read Online Jasoosi Digest October 2023 

To Read online Jasoosi Digest October 2023 find the Read online button on the following page and click on it after clicking you can read the high quality PDF Digest online. 

How To Download PDF Books

To Download Books on PakUrdulabs is very easy on every page there is a download now button to download any book and every book and Digest on this website is in high quality PDF format. 

Jasoosi Digest October 2023 is available for download soon… 


How To Find Any Book

If you want to find any book on PakUrdulabs write the name of the book in search bar and click next or click enter. 

Jasoosi Digest September 2023 | Download PDF Free

Jasoosi Digest September 2023 Download

Jasoosi Digest September has been a staple in the world of Urdu fiction for decades, captivating readers with its suspenseful tales, intriguing mysteries, and thrilling narratives. The September 2023 issue is no exception, promising a fresh array of gripping stories that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. In this article, we will delve into the contents and highlights of Jasoosi Digest September 2023, providing you with a sneak peek into the world of suspense, espionage, and intrigue.

Best Story Of Jasoosi Digest September 2023 

Shab E Dejoor

My life is a collection of sins and these are not minor sins.  I have committed the most sin in my life which is the greatest sin in the sight of God.  She was a woman of about thirty years.  Who could easily make a place in the ranks of girls due to her charm, delicacy, good looks and dress.  She was wearing a pearl-colored dress and matching shoes in her ears, which complimented her golden complexion.  In contrast to the charm of the personality and the beauty of the province, there was a deep sadness on his face.  A woman, especially a woman from the East, is very sensitive about her honor.  He tries not to let his honor be affected even in the biggest situations.  Those who trade honor always have a great reason for it.  But I had no compulsion.  My parents used to finish the work without fail.  I also received adequate pocket money from my father and brothers, but all this was not enough to fulfill my unlimited desires.  I wanted to be like those rich women who used to come to university in rickshaws, with so many notes in their purses that when the mood was good, they would pick up the whole group.

Contents Of Jasoosi Digest September 2023

Jasoosi Digest September 2023 is full of beautiful stories.

  Significance of the September 2023 Digest is unique.

You can find here a story in parts every month new part is published. 

Must read Jasoosi digest if you are lover of high class urdu literature. 

Jasoosi digest famous because The Art of Crafting Suspense in stories. 


Exploring the Contents

In this section, we’ll provide an introduction to Jasoosi Digest, emphasizing the importance of its September 2023 issue. We’ll also offer a brief overview of the contents to whet readers’ appetites for what lies within its pages.

Read Alos:

Feature Stories

Here, we’ll delve deeper into the magazine, highlighting the lead stories of the September 2023 Digest. We’ll provide synopses and teasers to give readers a taste of the mysteries and adventures that await them. Additionally, we’ll shed light on the talented authors who crafted these compelling tales.

The Appeal of Jasoosi Digest

This section will explore why Jasoosi Digest has remained a must-read for lovers of suspense and mystery. We’ll discuss the art of crafting suspenseful narratives and its enduring cultural impact.

Accessing Jasoosi Digest September 2023

Here, we’ll guide readers on how to access the September 2023 Digest. We’ll cover options such as visiting the official website, subscribing to the magazine, and finding it in local bookstores.

How To Download Jasoosi Digest September 2023

To download Jasoosi Digest Sep 2023 drag down the page and wait for 20 seconds after 20 seconds download button will appear click on it and the download will start automatically.

You have to wait 20 seconds.

Generating Download Link…
Download Now

Reader’s Corner

This section will highlight the importance of reader engagement. We’ll showcase reader reviews and reactions, emphasizing the sense of community that forms around Jasoosi Digest.

Jasoosi Digest July 2023 Download PDF


Jasoosi Digest July 2023

Jasoosi digest july 2023 available for download visit pakurdulabs and download the jasoosi digest july 2023 free. 

 Introduction to Jasoosi Digest

Jasoosi digest is a very famous digest like suspense digest jasoosi and suspense both digests published by jasoosi Publications in Karachi. 

 Importance of the July 2023 Jasoosi Digest 

Jasoosi digest is full of action stories, thrilling stories and also you can read the latest episode of monthly continues stories. 

Overview of Jasoosi Digest

This month’s Jasoosi Digest july 2023 consists of 12 stories and one of which is your favorite monthly continues story whose new episode you will get to read. 

Description of Jasoosi Digest

Jasoosi digest always consists on best action stories which readers enjoys very much to read. 

Monthly publication

The Jasoosi digest is a very famous digest of Pakistan and this digest is published by jasoosi Publications from Karachi. 

How To Download Jasoosi Digest 

Visit the official website of this Jasoosi Publications and

Navigate to the Jasoosi July 2023 digest. 

Locate the download link for the PDF

You can also download Suspense digest july 2023 from PakUrdulabs.

We will upload Jasoosi digest july 2023 soon.. 

When Jasoosi digest july 2023 download available drag down the page and wait for 20 seconds after that press on the “download now” button. 

Wait for the PDF file to be downloaded and saved on your device

Read Also

Downloading from online platforms

Search online for Jasoosi digest july 2023 PDF download links for Jasoosi digest will appear and select any website to download Jasoosi digest July 2023.

How To Find Jasoosi Digest 

Find the July 2023 edition of Jasoosi digest easily just open the websites and check which website is providing a 100% correct PDF digests then download the Jasoosi digest from those websites. 

Jasoosi Digest July 2023 Will Be Available soon…. 

Request a digital copy

You can contact Jasoosi digest publishers or customer support to get a digital pdf book of this digest. 

To request digital copy of suspense digest july 2023 visit jasoosi Publications official website and request for digest. 


 We hope you enjoy downloading all the digests, bookmark the PakUrdulabs to get more digests timely and let us know your opinion in the comment section.

Jasoosi Digest June 2023 Download DPF

 Jasoosi Digest June 2023

Jasoosi Digest June 2023 issue has been published and the wait of all Jasoosi Digest readers is over now you can buy Jasoosi Digest June 2023 from any major bookshop and enjoy its best stories.
But for those who live in places where you cannot buy this issue then you can download Spy Digest June 2023 online but you have to wait for this month issue will be uploaded soon.

Jasoosi Digest June 2023 Content:
In this month’s stories, you will get to read some of the best stories.  In which the first story of the cover is usually the best of the jasoosi jun 2023 and along with that you get an episodic story and the last three stories of jasoosi Digest are considered the best stories.

Jasoosi Digest June 2023 Writers:
Among the famous writers of Jasoosi Digest June 2023, you will find famous writers like Tahir Javed Mughal, Hisam Butt, and Asma Qadri.

Jasoosi Digest June 2023 Main Story:
The best story of this month is “Dahar” which is an episodic story and a thrilling story.  Apart from this, you will get to read four excellent stories.

Jasoosi Digest June 2023 Details:
Book Name: Jasoosi Digest Jun 2023 
Size: 45 MB
Pages: 232
Author: PakUrdulabs

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Download Jasoosi Digest June 2023:
To download Jasoosi Digest June 2023 scroll down this page and find download button below. Click on download button and your download will start automatically. 

Read Online Jasoosi Digest June 2023:
To read online Jasoosi Digest Jun 2023 very easy just find the blue read online button click on it and enjoy pdf jasoosi digest. 

Keep visiting Jasoosi digest jun 2023 will be uploaded soon… 

We are not publisher of this book and we are just sharing the link of pdf digests for overseas readers and for those ones who don’t have access to buy physically a copy of this book.
If you are a publisher and want to remove your content from PakUrdulabs kindly contact us

Jasoosi Digest June 2023 Download PDF

 Jasoosi Digest Jun 2023 

 Jasoosi Digest is a totally famous magazines in Pakistan with hundreds of thousands of readers and a massive wide variety of likes. This is a totally vintage digest. 

Lovers of Urdu literature examine jasoosi digest with awesome interest.  Each tale on this digest is particular and in case you begin studying this digest, you can’t go away with out completing due to the fact from the start to the stop jasoosi digest is complete of interest.

Jasoosi digest first time posted in 1971 and speedy reached the heights of popularity in Pakistan.

 Jasoosi Digest Jun 2023 has come on-line and Jasoosi Digest jun 2023 is a set of very stunning and particular testimonies.

 People eagerly anticipate jasoosi digest due to thrilling testimonies.  And as quickly because it comes out, it sells heaps of copies.

Jasoosi Digest Jun 2023 Details

Book: Jasoosi Digest Jun 2023

Pages: 227

Size: 41 MB

Stories: 14

Publisher: Jasoosi Digest Publications Karachi.

Content List Jasoosi Digest Jun 2023

1: Zinda murda by Amjad Raees

2: Saaya by Imran Qureshi

3: Charagar by Hassam Butt

4: Dehr by Tahir Javed Mugha

5: Khoj by A R Rajpoot

6: Ishq e Natamam by Ahmed Saleem Saleemi

7: Bebaak by Aqs Fatima

8: Chakma by Aisha Naseer

9: Pighaltey rishtey by Asma Qadri

10: Khobsorat maut by M Iqbal

Jasoosi Digest May 2023 Writers 

Amjad Raees

Imran Qureshi

Tahir Javed Mughal

Hassam Butt

A R Rajpoot

Ahmed Saleem Saleemi

Aqs Fatima

Aisha Naseer

Asma Qadri

M Iqbal

Main Story

Dehr is the principle tale of Jasoosi digest jun also additionally 2023 that is the tenth episode of this tale. 

Read also

How To Download Jasoosi Digest Jun 2023 Free

Jasoosi digest might also additionally 2023 could be very smooth to down load simply scroll right all the way down to backside of the web page and discover down load button anfd click on on down load downloading will begin.

Jasoosi Digest Jun 2023

You will obtain the first-class nice and layout from Jasoosi Digest jun 2023, which you could without difficulty play in your phone or computer. You can examine the first-class testimonies and histories written with the aid of using famous Pakistani authors on this summary. When discussing a number of the first-class ancient novels which have been posted on Jasoosi Digest, Shikari,

Aatish Fishan, and many nore famous novels. 

Keep touring jasoosi digest jun will be uploaded soon….  

Read Online Jasoosi Digest Jun 2023 Free

To examine on-line jasoosi digest jun also additionally 2023 drag down the subsequent web page to the lowest and you’ll see the examine on-line button click on and experience excessive nice pdf jasoosi digest jun 2023.

Pakurdulabs Introduction 

PakUrdulabs is a best website for urdu digest and novels lovers you can download and read online urdu pdf novels and urdu pdf digests. 

All digests and novels are free to download and free to read online. 

PakUrdulabs is one of the best urdu literature website. 

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Important Note

We are not publishers of this digest and we have only sharing only useful links for overseas readers. 

If you are publisher and want to remove any book please contact us