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Zinda Murda

The evening of May had fallen. It was half past eight o’clock.  Yesterday, five of them, including Mark, were on the road when they had plenty of time.  At that time, he had an empty coffin and four shovels.  But today, when the green transit van was moving on Six Country Road, the color of the sky had changed and it started raining.  They came yesterday without Michael.  Have we arrived? 

 Jack asked like a child.

 About to arrive” replied Robo. He was driving and had less to drink than the others. He had passed three pubs on the way and four more were on the way.

 Yes, they will arrive.  Josh said.  A deer crossed the road in the light of headlights.  The direction of the paved road was towards the forest.  They passed by a small white cottage.  Michael was lying semi-conscious on the back floor of the van.  “I need another drink,” he stammered.  If he had used his intellect, he would have been sober instead of drunk and would have understood the expressions of the rustlings that something was going to go wrong.  He rarely went to the pub, but at that time he was drunk.

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