Dasht e ishq novel by mannat shah PDF Download

 Dasht E Ihq Novel

This story is friendship revenge love. In this story you will find romantic thrill, blind faith in romantic relationships and friendship of three friends. This is my first little attempt.  Hope you all will like it. So let’s go on a journey of love.

Story Of Dasht E Ishq Novel

She came to ask him to eat in the room.  But seeing his dress, his mouth opened with surprise and uncertainty.

 She was wearing a black saree. whose blouse was sleeveless. The throat ahead was very deep. The back of which was equal to non-existence. The entire blouse was tied at the back with a delicate cord. And the entire blouse is at the mercy of this single cord. 

 Black smoky make-up on the eyes and thick curved long eyelashes were increasing the pride of the eyes.  And the red color of the angry lips.  The long thick hair was loosely tied in a bun instead of untied.  So that the beauty of the back and the front can be seen clearly.  Small delicate tops in the ears and delicate necklaces around the neck were increasing the beauty of her neck.  And next to this cruel aorta, the mole was sitting proudly. 

 This dress looks awful, change it. Anna B would have reviewed it in detail

 Howe said in a mixed state of disgust and anger.

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To Sanso Ko Darkar Piya Download PDF Free

 To sanso ko darkar piya is a beautiful novel written by Horiya Malik.  This novel is one of the famous Urdu novels.  A beautiful love story that makes you aware of the harsh realities of life. If you look around, most of the Urdu novel writers in Pakistan are women whose stories are very compelling and which are a lot of fun to read.

This is also a story written by a woman and you will enjoy reading it too and you will get to know many facts of life and in this story you will find many things that are in other novels. Can’t read.

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Story Of To Sanso Ko Darkar Piya

So the breaths need Piya is a fantastic love story. In which the evils and good things of our society are described.

How To Download To Sanso Ko Darkar Piya Novel 

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Download Safaid Gulab Novel Written By Mehmood Zafar Iqbal

 Safaid Gulab Novel

Safaid Gulab is a novel written by Mehmood Zafar Iqbal Hashmi and this novel is written on a great story. Safaid Gulab is a very beautiful novel like its name. This novel was published in 2012 and the readers liked this novel very much and the Safaid Gulab novel was very popular.

This novel is available on various book stores in Pakistan you can buy this novel anywhere in Pakistan. 

Safaid Gulab novel price is only 300 PKR.

Safaid Gulab Details

Book Name: Safaid Gulab

Publisher: Gul Faraz Ahmed

Writer: Mehmood Zafar Iqbal Hashmi

Printed by: Zahida Naveed printers lahore

Composing: Anees Ahmed

Pages: 208

Size: 20 MB

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Dana Pani Novel PDF Download

Dana Pani Novel

 Dana Pani is one of the best urdu novels written by Umera Ahmed. It is a novel that fully depicts a rural environment, in which the vicissitudes of life are described, a novel that draws you in and makes the reader feel that he is a part of that environment.

The characteristic of this novel is that when a scene is reflected in the environment described in it, Like the TV screen we are watching, everything gets absorbed in the mind and the person gets lost in the environment.

Dana Pani novel is consist on 9 parts these all Dana pani novel’s parts you can download from “PakUrdulabs“.

Dana Pani Novels Story

Dana Pani is the story of a poor man who goes through the difficulties of life and how he faces these difficulties. This story is a heart touching story.

Dani Pani Novels Details

Novel: Dana Pani part 1

Pages: 77

Size: 27MB

Writer: Umera Ahmed

Parts: 9

Umera Ahmed Famous Novels

1: Peer E Kamil

2: Aab E Hayat

3: Amar Bail

4: La Hasil

5: Shehr E zat

6: Man o Salwa

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Who Is Umera Ahmed 

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And more novels written by Umera Ahmed. Umera ahmed is a very famous novels and drama writer of Pakistan.

Umira Ahmed was born on 10 December 1976 in Gujranwala.  He did his Masters in English Literature from Murray College Sialkot.  This is the same college where poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal studied.

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Download Qismat Yari Novel PDF

Qismat Yari Novel

This is a beautiful urdu romantic novel a story of friends who did care about the problems worlds and everything they just care about their friendship. And the friendship is the most important for them. 

Qismat Yari Novels Story About

This is the story. The eternal friendship of friends in which even misunderstandings do not harm them.  This story belongs to Nine girls, who is part of Qismat Yaari’s group. You can read the rest of the novel. Now, you cannot tell everything here. A friendship separated by fate.

A very beautiful instructive story that will surely touch your hearts. The story is full of interest from the beginning to the end and once you start reading Qismat Yari Novel story, So you won’t be able to live without ending it.

How To Download Qismat Yari Novel

Qismat Yari novel is famous novel of urdu literature and you can download this novel from PakUrdulabs and from many other websites on the internet.

If you are finding download button just drag down the following page and on the bottom of the page you’ll see the download button click on it and download will begin automatically. 

Qismat Yari Novel Details 

Name: Qismat Yari

Size: 27MB

Pages: 229

Writer: Maheen Malik

Author: PakUrdulabs 

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