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 Dasht E Ihq Novel

This story is friendship revenge love. In this story you will find romantic thrill, blind faith in romantic relationships and friendship of three friends. This is my first little attempt.  Hope you all will like it. So let’s go on a journey of love.

Story Of Dasht E Ishq Novel

She came to ask him to eat in the room.  But seeing his dress, his mouth opened with surprise and uncertainty.

 She was wearing a black saree. whose blouse was sleeveless. The throat ahead was very deep. The back of which was equal to non-existence. The entire blouse was tied at the back with a delicate cord. And the entire blouse is at the mercy of this single cord. 

 Black smoky make-up on the eyes and thick curved long eyelashes were increasing the pride of the eyes.  And the red color of the angry lips.  The long thick hair was loosely tied in a bun instead of untied.  So that the beauty of the back and the front can be seen clearly.  Small delicate tops in the ears and delicate necklaces around the neck were increasing the beauty of her neck.  And next to this cruel aorta, the mole was sitting proudly. 

 This dress looks awful, change it. Anna B would have reviewed it in detail

 Howe said in a mixed state of disgust and anger.

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How To Download Dasht E Ishq Novel

To download the novel, go to the bottom of the page and look for the download button there, as soon as you see the download button, click on it and you will reach the download page.

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