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Tarzan stories have been originally written in English by American novelist Edgar Rice Burroughs. However, there have been Urdu adaptations of these stories as well, particularly in the form of comic books and TV dramas. Some popular Urdu Tarzan stories include. 

Tarzen urdu stories are very famous in kids and these stories mostly written by Mazhar Kaleem MA and Zaheer Ahmed. 

1. Tarzan Ki Wapsi (The Return of Tarzan) by Edgar Rice Burroughs, translated into Urdu by Shamsheer Ahmed

2. Shehri Tarzan (Urban Tarzan) by Guatam Kumar, an Urdu adaptation of the story set in modern-day India

3. Tarzan Aur Zalim Wadi (Tarzan and the Savage Land) by Edgar Rice Burroughs, translated into Urdu by Zameer Jafri

These stories are widely available online and in bookstores in Pakistan and India.

There are many tarzan Urdu Stories books with beautiful stories that you may like. 

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Other Urdu Kids PDF Stories Books

Here are some popular Urdu kids stories:

1. Akbar and Birbal: This is a collection of short stories about the witty interactions between Emperor Akbar and his advisor Birbal. These stories teach children about problem-solving and using intelligence to overcome challenges.

2. Tenali Raman: Another collection of short stories about the clever and humorous antics of the court jester Tenali Raman. These stories also teach children about critical thinking and creativity.

3. Sheikh Chilli: This character is known for his foolishness and comical mishaps. His stories aim to teach children about the importance of using common sense and avoiding foolish behavior.

4. Lal Badshah: This is a story about a brave young boy who defeats a powerful demon and saves his village. This story teaches children about courage and perseverance.

5. The Three Little Pigs: This is a well-known fairy tale that has been translated into Urdu. The story teaches children about the importance of hard work and planning to achieve success.

These are just a few examples of the many Urdu kids stories available. Reading stories in Urdu is a great way for children to learn about their culture, language, and values.

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