Fix Fingerprint Option Missing

 Fingerprint Option Missing

This is a common problem in Chinese android phones and there are many solutions for this problem. 
Even if you have a fingerprint on your mobile, this option disappears and you cannot use the fingerprint.
You can fix the ‘fingerprint option not showing’ with 4 steps.
Here are 4 methods to fix the fingerprint option. 

How To Fix Fingerprint Option Missing

4 methods to fix the fingerprint option not showing. 

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1: Reset Apps

Go to phone settings and drag down to system or backup and reset. 
If you don’t have important data in your phone memory then you must use reset factory data. It’s better to recover old phone settings and fingerprint option missing bug. 

If you have important data in your phone don’t use factory reset. 

2: Update Phone

Go to phone settings drag down to system then find update or update phone open update then check for available updates if available download and install after installation and restart fingerprint will start working properly. 

3: Update Locally

 First of all, download the phone update and save it in the phone memory. Now Open phone settings go to system or update then find the local update button select downloaded update from phone memory and install these updates. 

4: Flashing Downgrade 

If the first 3 methods don’t work for you then the most effective and last method is the final solution for the fingerprint option missing problem. 
If you have a PC or laptop then you can fix this issue yourself. 

After these 3 requirements open the SP flash tool select the firmware file and start flashing then connect your phone to a PC and flashing will start soon. 

How To Flash A Phone With SP Flash Tool. 
Watch the video for more help. 

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