How to screen record on android 2024

 How to Screen Record on Android

Hi my dear friends I am Shakeel Khan and this is Pakurdulabs we will discuss “How to record screen on android” if you’ve ever wanted to record your Android screen you’re in luck. There are plenty of options available from built in screen recorders to third-party apps. In this article we’ll break down the top three ways to screen record on Android and give you our top pick for the best screen recorder for Android right now.

1: Built In Screen Recorder

Many Android devices come with a built in screen recording feature making it quick and easy to record your screen without installing any other additional app. To access this feature simply swipe down from the top of your screen twice to access the quick access menu. From there swipe across until you see the screen recorder option and press start. You can choose to record device audio and your microphone and even show touches on the screen for viewers to follow along easily. When you are finished swipe down again and press stop. Your recording will be saved and can be accessed through a notification.

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2: Screen Recorder Unlimited

For those without a built in screen recorder or for more customization options Screen Recorder Unlimited is a great free option. With this app you can adjust your recording settings including resolution quality and frame rate. You can even enable a floating button for easy control while recording. To use this app simply adjust your settings and press the record button. Your recording will be saved with a countdown timer and file size displayed.

3: AZ Recorder

Another very famous choice for Android screen recording is AZ Screen Recorder for android. This android app also offers customization options for resolution quality and frame rate. It also has a unique features that allows you to pause and resume recording as you needed. You can also enable a floating button for easy control while recording. AZ Recorder also offers an editing option to crop and trim your recordings before saving them.

Our Top Pick: Screen Recorder Unlimited

After testing out all three options our top pick for the best screen recorder for Android is Screen Recorder Unlimited. It offers a good balance of customization options and ease of use. Plus the floating bubble button can come in handy for controlling your recording without interrupting your screen.

In addition to these options there are plenty of other screen recorder apps available in the Google Play Store. Some popular paid options include Mobizen and DU Recorder which offer additional features like video editing and live streaming.

Tips for Recording on Android

Now that you know how to record your Android screen here are some tips to help you get the best results. 

1. Clear Your Screen: Before you start recording make sure your screen is clear of no any notifications or icons that may be distracting.

2. Use Landscape Mode: To capture a wider view make sure to rotate your device into landscape mode before recording.

3. Check Your Sound Quality: If you are recording audio make sure to check your device audio settings before hand to ensure the best quality.

4. Keep Your Device Charged: Recording your screen can use up a lot of battery life so make sure your device is fully charged or plugged in before you start recording.

5. Practice Before Recording: If you’re new to screen recording take some time to practice using different apps and settings to get a feel for how it works before recording something important.

Last Words

There are plenty of options available when it comes “How to record screen on android” Like mobizen screen recorder. From built in features to third party apps you can easily capture your screen and share it with others. With our top pick Screen Recorder Unlimited you can customize your recordings and have the added convenience of a floating button. So whether you’re creating tutorials sharing gameplay or simply want to record something on your device now you know how to screen record on Android like a pro.

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