How voiceover for your YouTube videos on Android

How voiceover for your YouTube videos using only your Android phone

Hello my dear friends welcome to this new and informative article on how to record a professional voiceover for your videos! I’m Shakeel Khan from Pakurdulabs.

Are you looking to take your YouTube videos to the next level by adding a professional voiceover? Look no further.

In this guide we will walk you through the process of recording a killer voiceover for your YouTube videos using only your Android phone.

In our last article we discussed how to create clickable thumbnails and the best time to upload your videos. Now let’s talk about how we can make our videos more engaging with a clear and crisp voiceover.

The Power of Voiceovers why They Matter for Your Videos

  • Transform your videos: A well crafted voiceover enhances the storytelling and keeps viewers engaged.
  • Boost clarity: Explain complex visuals or provide additional information clearly and concisely.
  • Professional touch: A professional voiceover adds polish to your videos making them stand out.

Finding Your Studio creating a Quiet Recording Space

  • Minimize background noise: Choose a quiet room with minimal traffic pets or other distractions.
  • Improve acoustics: Hang curtains or blankets to absorb sound waves and reduce echo.
  • Consider makeshift solutions: Record near a covered window or in a closet for improved acoustics.

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Mic It Up (Optional) Enhancing Audio Quality

  • Built in microphone: While sufficient an external microphone can significantly improve sound quality.
  • Explore affordable options: Find budget friendly mics online to enhance your voiceover recordings.
  • Invest for better results: Consider higher end microphones if you plan on recording frequently.

Record Like a Pro choosing the Right App and Settings

  • Download a voice recording app: Explore the Google Play Store for free and paid options.
  • Choose based on your needs: Select an app with good ratings and features that fit your requirements.
  • Optimize settings: For the best audio quality, adjust the sample rate to 44.1 kHz and bit depth to 16 bit depth.

Editing Magic polishing Your Voiceover

  • Edit on your phone or computer: Transfer the audio file to your computer or use editing apps on your phone.
  • Recommended tools: Lexis Audio Editor and Podcast are user friendly options for editing voiceovers.
  • Enhance the sound: Adjust the base and treble levels and remove any background noises using editing tools.

Bringing it All Together adding Your Voiceover to Your Video

  • Integrate with your editing software: Add the edited voiceover to your video using your preferred software.
  • YouTube’s built in editor: If you don’t have editing software, you can use YouTube’s built in audio editor.

That’s it** By following these simple steps you can record a killer voiceover for your YouTube videos using only your Android phone.


  • Always use a quiet space for recording.
  • Edit the audio to make it sound professional.


A good quality voiceover can make all the difference in engaging your audience and taking your YouTube videos to the next level. With these easy steps, you can create professional-sounding voiceovers using only your Android phone. Remember to find a quiet space, use a microphone if possible, and edit your audio using apps like Lexis Audio Editor and Podcast. So go ahead and add a professional touch to your videos with a killer voiceover.

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