Indian Premier League Vs Pakistan Premier League Unknown Facts


Today we will talk about IPL and PSL.  And will compare both and bring out the facts that you don’t know.

IPL is an Indian cricket league that started in 2007 and is now held every year.

Similarly, talking about PSL, PSL started in 2015 i.e. 8 years after Indian Premier League.

IPL Vs PSL unknown facts

1: IPL is the most famous cricket league in the world.

While PSL is also a very popular league, but it has not achieved the same success as IPL yet.

 2: If we talk about income, for the first time in 2007-2008, IPL earned 2.2 billion rupees, while PSL can earn only one billion rupees in one season.

3: If we talk about the most expensive player of the first season of IPL 2007, it was MS Dhoni who took INR 9.5 crore.

And talking about the second season of PSL, the most expensive players in PSL are sold up to 1.10 crores.

4: Pakistani players cannot play IPL, they are banned. Pakistani players were participated only in 2008 IPL. Similarly, Indian players cannot play PSL, they are also banned.

5: 14 seasons of IPL have been played till now and 15th season is in progress. while 8 seasons of PSL have been played including this 2023 season.

6: In the IPL seasons so far, 10643 sixes have been hit in 957 matches at an average of 11.

Highest Score By Team

In IPL Royal Challengers Bangalore scored (263/5) in 2013 IPL season.

In PSL Multan Sultan scored 262/3 in 2023 PSL season.

Highest Individual Score

In IPL Chris Gayle scored 175* in 2013 IPL season. 

In PSL Jason Roy scored 145* in PSL 2023.

Lowest Team Total

In IPL Royal Challengers Bangalore scored the 49 runs the lowest total in IPL history by any team team all out in 9 overs.

In PSL Lahore Qalandar scored 59 runs in 2017 PSL.

Most sixes in an innings by team

Royal Challengers Bangalore hit the most 21 sixes in a match in IPL history. 

In PSL Islamabad United and Lahore qalandar both have the equal reocrd of hitting most 18 sixes in an innings by a team.

These are the facts abou IPL and PSL that you may not know before. 

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