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Jasoosi digest 

 Jasoosi Digest is one of the most popular magazines in Pakistan with millions of readers per month and a huge number of likes.

 Jasoosi Digest was first published in January 1971 and quickly reached the heights of popularity.

 Jasoosi Digest is published every month and is a monthly digest. Monthly Jasoosi Digest consists of one or two episodes and 7 to 8 short stories.

 This digest is published before the first date of the end of each month and you can get it from all major bookstores and if you want to read it online, you can read it from our website after the 15th of each month.


Book: Jasoosi Digest April 2023
Pages: 238
Size: 20 MB
Stories: 11
Publisher: JDP (Jasoosi Digest Publications).

Content List

1: Zehreela Taryaq
2: Hoshiyar
3: Bebaaq
4: Dehr
5: Mehrban Ajnabi
6: Shohla Zen
7: Tnao
8: Pahli Kahani
9: Zehreeli Qurbat
10: Markhor
11: Gardobad

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Main Story

Dehr is the main story of this month Jasoosi digest this is the 9th episode of this story. 
Here is the review of this story. 

Success comes to the one who is steadfast and persistent toward his destination. A merciless, brutal curve of time had also poisoned his life. His boyhood and youth were subjected to the hardships of imprisonment due to the uncommitted crime. On the one hand, the captive era left indelible impressions of trauma on his heart and mind, on the other hand, he absorbed the boundless ocean of knowledge and skills in his existence. When he stepped into the field of independent action, he was faced with new enemies. Soon it was revealed that the Creator had created him to subdue the earthly gods. When the purpose of life became clear, he surrendered himself to the purpose of nature. In the struggle of this campaign of destruction and destruction, a heart sank. His companion stayed. He continued his journey while enduring the turbulent waves around him, where the conspiratorial mind of the Jews wanted to shame their dream of ruling the world.

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Jasoosi Digest April 2023

Jasoosi Digest April 2023 you will get in best quality and best format which you can easily read on your phone or PC.  This digest is a collection of best stories and stories of famous writers of Pakistan you can read here. If we talk about some of the best and historical novels published on Jasoosi Digest, they include Shikari, Aatish Fishan, Angarey, Sarkash, Madari, Mafror and Sadiyon ka beta.

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