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 Khawateen Digest October 2023

An Assortment of Captivating Stories

As always, the Khawateen Digest October 2023 presents a myriad of intriguing narratives. Within this edition, readers will encounter a diverse collection of complete tales and ongoing series, all crafted by celebrated Pakistani authors.

How to Navigate Khawateen Digest October 2023

Spanning a considerable length, the Khawateen Digest October 2023 organizes its stories meticulously, with a sequential listing available in the initial pages. Readers can effortlessly locate and peruse any story by referencing the corresponding page number.

Details of Khawateen Digest October 2023

  • Title: Khawateen Digest October 2023
  • Pages: 221
  • Author: Pakurdulabs
  • File Size: 35 MB
  • Number of Stories: 12
  • Renowned Writer: Nimra Ahmed

Featured Main Story in Khawateen Digest October 2023

Angna Phool Khelein Ge

In this narrative, Aram stumbles upon a familiar locket hidden in Sania’s drawer, a trinket previously suggested by her brother Obaid. Upon his return, he encounters Waseem, whose adoration for Aram is unmistakable. Aram probes Sania about the locket, inciting her ire, while Obaid eventually returns the trinket. During a chance eavesdropping, Aram playfully teases Eid about his mysterious phone call, eager to uncover the identity of the prospective sister-in-law Obaid has in mind.

Reading Material Also Available

Readers can also access other compelling reads such as:

List of Stories in Khawateen Digest October 2023

  • Angna Phool Khelein Ge by Rahat Jabeen
  • Maala by Nimra Ahmed
  • Ahad by Sofia Butt
  • Ik Rah Chuni Hai by Asia Raees Khan
  • Gohar or Maqsood by Rashida Rifat
  • Tohfa by Maria Ghazaal
  • Yaqeen-e-Kamil by Saima Bint e Shanwaz
  • Izat or Zilat by Lubna Asif
  • Dil Anmol by Rihana Waqas
  • Hazir Jawab by Sanaya Humair
  • Apney Naseeb ki Kami by Sonia Rabani
  • Husn-e-Tadbeer by Hina Bushra

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Benefits of Reading Khawateen Digest Monthly

Khawateen Digest October 2023, released on a monthly basis, features serialized stories that capture readers’ imagination. To enjoy these engaging serialized narratives, it is recommended to acquire the digest every month. We ensure the monthly availability of Khawateen Digest October on PakUrdulabs for easy access and an enjoyable reading experience.


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