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Shuaa digest april 2023

Shuaa Digest is Pakistan’s largest monthly Shuaa Digest is one of the few famous digests of Pakistan which is published on monthly basis and is liked by a large number of readers.

 Thus, many digests are published in Pakistan on a monthly basis, but each digest has individual importance due to specific stories.

 Similarly, Shuaa Digest stands out because of its specific stories and its specific style.

 The names of many famous writers of Pakistan are associated with this digest, who contribute to this digest on a monthly basis and highlight its beauty with their powerful writings.

The famous Shuaa digest stories 

1: Hisar e mohabbat written by faiza iftikhar

2: Bisat e dil bhi ajeeb shai hai written by Afshan Afridi

3: Humsafar written by Farhat Ishtiaq

4: Aik mohabbat aur sahi written by Hashim Nadeem

5: Bin mangi dua written by Iffat Sehar Tahir

6: Shart by nabila aziz

7: Mushaf written by nimra ahmed

8: Amarbail written by Umera Ahmed

9: Tum aakhri jazeera ho written by Umme Maryam

10: Watan ki mitti gawa rehna written by Umme Maryam

Shuaa Digest is published every month and is a monthly digest. Monthly Shuaa Digest consists on 11 to 12 stories Hamd o Naat and poetry.

 Shuaa digest is published before the first date of the end of each month and you can get Shuaa digest from all major bookstores and if you want to read it online, you can read it from our website after 29th of each month.

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Book: Shuaa Digest April 2023
Pages: 222
Size: 32 MB
Stories: 12
Author : PakUrdulabs 

Content List

1: Jab tujh se naata
2: Dastak
3: Shadi mubarak ho
4: Main aik devar hon
5: Jo beet gye pal
6: Shauq dekh intzar dekh
7: Eidi 
8: Naraz
9: Shehr sham e hijar
10: Zindagi or kahani
11: Chand ki ot se
12: Rawajon k faisley

Main Story
Shezor is the main story of this month Shuaa digest this is the 38th episode of this story. 
Here is the review of this story. 

Life is a song of love, but only where the society does not suffer from inequalities, where justice and balance do not exist, and unfortunately, in the society in which he lived, the whirlwinds of injustice made him a mere revenge.  The expert hands made him invincible, on the other hand, plans were being made to wipe out this determined young man who raised knowledge and rebellion against oppression.  His life, which was full of tragedy, was close to the darkness and far from the light, but the love born in ignorance was showing him the way even in the darkness. Gradually, it became a storm in which flames and lightning flashed.  His passion, his love was with her to explain his indecisiveness.  Then how could he have given up in front of the tyranny of the times.  Although Tar Ankabut, intoxicated with power and pride, had covered the thieves, but he broke the Harwar and continued to fight the eternal battle of right and wrong in such a way that even his heart could not stand in the way of his duty.

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Shuaa Digest April 2023

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