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 Suspense Digest August 2023

As always, Suspense Digest August is a collection of interesting stories. In this month’s Suspense digest, you will get to read many interesting stories, most of which are complete stories, while you will get to read a few series of stories in Suspense Digest.  All the stories are written by famous writers of Pakistan.

How To Read Suspense Digest August 2023

A suspense digest is usually a few hundred pages long and all the stories are written in an order and this order is listed in the opening pages of the Suspense digest from where you can find any story.  You can easily read the story by looking at the page number.

Suspense Digest August 2023 Details 

Book name: Suspense Digest August 2023 
Pages: 229
Author: Pakurdulabs
Book Size: 41.5 MB
Stories: 12
Famous Writer: Muhi ud Din Nawab

Suspense Digest August 2023 Main Story

Azaar E Mazi

Sam beamed with joy when she saw the poster announcing the arrival of the festival. It was an ‘A-four’ size poster which was beautifully decorated with the use of different colors. This annual festival (carnival) was no less than a fair. During school and college Sam and his friends used to enjoy this carnival with great enthusiasm but now after a long time Sam was going to get this opportunity again so he felt it necessary to tell his group about this fun.
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Suspense Digest August 2023 Stories List

  • 1: Tawan by Zoya Safwan
  • 2: Shah Zor by Asma Qadri
  • 3: Azar E Mazi by Shahzain Rizwan 
  • 4: Dukht E Fitan by Mirza Ahmed Beg
  • 5: Bezar by Mazhar Saleem Hashmi
  • 6: Wabal by Javed Basaam
  • 7: Jangbaz by Dr Abdul Rab Bhatti
  • 8: Nisyan by Aiysha Naseer
  • 9: Sayad Muhammad Mahdi by Zia Tasneem Balgrami
  • 10: Khiyali Dunya by Noman Ishaq
  • 11: Shaka by Nazia Kamran kashif
  • 12: Akhri Sham Se Pahley by Tahir Javed Mughal

How To Download Suspense Digest, August 2023

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How To Read Online Suspense Digest August 2023

If you want to read Suspense Digest August 2023 without downloading, press the read online button on the page and read the digest online.

Why You Read Suspense Digest Monthly 

Suspense Digest is a monthly digest, that’s why the best stories published on it are usually serials, to read which you need to buy each month’s Suspense digest and for your convenience, we upload Suspense Digest on PakUrdulabs every month. So that you can get this digest for easy reading.


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