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Suspense Digest November 2023

Once again, Suspense Digest November 2023 presents a compendium of captivating stories. Within its pages, readers will find a multitude of absorbing tales, including both standalone narratives and serialized storylines, crafted by renowned authors from Pakistan.

Top Story – Suspense Digest, November 2023


As the time came to death, the pulses stopped. The atmosphere became still, except for the soft hissing of someone. It was madam Chhmi. Sajjad Bag remained standing next to the sofa. People including me were everywhere. Dah Salim was walking. He was not alone because I recognized the person who appeared behind him shortly after. It was Google. It was the place of Vadeji (Chaudhri Shalaji). It was possible that he and his armed companions were also present somewhere outside and standing ready. However, the arrival of both of them was unexpected for all of us, but I felt as if I was going to get stuck in a palm tree that fell from the sky.

stands as the flagship story of Suspense Digest November 2023, boasting an intricately woven narrative brimming with gripping suspense and exhilarating action.

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Stories Featured in Suspense Digest November 2023

  1. Shohla Shabgeer by AR Rajpoot
  2. Purisrar by Ayooq Bukhari
  3. Shahzor by Asma Qadri
  4. Khuda ki Rasi by Muhammad Zafar Hussain
  5. Chopat Raj by Hassam Butt
  6. Paigham Rassan by Aiysha Naseer
  7. Fake ID by Shahbaz Akbar Ulfat
  8. Jangbaz by Dr Abdul Rab Bhatti
  9. Zara C Baat by Muhammad Taqi
  10. Abu Usman Hairi by Zia Tasneem Balgrami
  11. Shaka by Nazia Kamran Kashif
  12. Akhri Sham Se Pahley by Tahir Javed Mughal

How to Access Suspense Digest November 2023

Suspense Digest November 2023 spans over two hundred pages, with each story meticulously arranged in a specified order. Readers can refer to the initial pages of the digest to locate their preferred stories.

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As a monthly publication, Suspense Digest November 2023 showcases serialized stories that capture readers’ imaginations. By regularly uploading each month’s edition to PakUrdulabs, we aim to provide convenient access to Suspense Digest, ensuring effortless and enjoyable reading experiences for our audience.

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