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 Suspense Digest September 2023

As always, Suspense Digest is a collection of interesting stories. In this month’s digest, you will get to read many interesting stories, most of which are complete stories, while you will get to read a few series of stories. All the stories are written by famous writers of Pakistan.

How To Read Suspense Digest September 2023

A suspense digest is usually a few hundred pages long and all the stories are written in an order and this order is listed in the opening pages of the digest from where you can find any story.  You can easily read the story by looking at the page number.

Suspense Digest September 2023 Details 

Book name: Suspense Digest September 2023 
Pages: 221
Author: Pakurdulabs
Book Size: 47 MB
Famous Writer: Muhi ud Din Nawab

Best Story Of Suspense Digest September 2023

Gul E Gulzar 

Ahmedabad Fort is a temple of memories.  Seeing this, the mind immediately shifts to the past. It seems as if the pages of history have been revealed on its walls and doors.  It is not known how many kings and emperors this fort has seen. While strolling inside the fort, step by step, some memory of history stands in the way. Jumping over high walls, decaying arches, curved arches and abandoned children makes the mind bewildered. The mysterious gusts of wind in the long and wide gardens of the fort tell untold stories. Looking at the colorful flowers, one spontaneously thinks that under some old earth, some fair-faced people are buried, who now stand out in the form of flowers and stand in wonder at the wasteland of history. It was the era of 1295.  Ra Ja Karan was ruling, but the name of two siblings was definitely echoing in Ahmedabad Fort. Brother’s name was Kapoor and sister’s name was Kalpana. In terms of looks and appearance, both siblings were as good as they were in terms of actions, but they were the devils.  Brother was trial and sister was doomsday.  Kalpana’s tall height, shapely body, red and white color, long billowing fringes, and her mind-blowing gait stole everyone’s attention. I don’t know how many sormas’ dreams were gathered in the fire of his big eyes. If there is no modesty in a woman, it becomes a spark of hell. Kalpana was definitely intoxicated with her beauty, but she had no modesty. This is the revelation that he became a flame. Bula was clever and pure. He was not the object of anyone’s lust, but he enjoyed persecuting, burning and tormenting others. She used to come to the garden of the fort in the evening every day and like a moron, she would go out throwing lightning from one end to the other. Big Pandits, Emirs, Wazirs and Raj Kumaras used to hold their hearts.  They were  She also used to raise her wide eyelids and shoot the arrows of her eyes with all her eyes and sift the hearts.  In the eyes of Ra Jakaran, there was a tendency towards Kalpana for some time, but he was a coward and a man of lustful nature…. 

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Suspense Digest is a monthly digest, that’s why the best stories published on it are usually serials, to read which you need to buy each month’s digest and for your convenience, we upload Suspense Digest on PakUrdulabs every month. so that you can get this digest for easy reading.
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