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 Umro Ayyar Or Tund Mund Jungle

Umro Ayyar is a famous character in the story and in Urdu stories children read this character with great interest and are always looking for new stories of Umro Ayyar. This story Umro and Tundmund Jungle is an interesting story and a very favorite story for children where Umro Ayyar is on a new mission and this mission is also full of interest.

Umro Ayyar Or Tund Mund Jungle Story Plot

Umro Ayyar was riding a horse and driving it slowly. Since the horse had been running for several hours, it was now very tired, Umaro Ayyar was also sitting on its back, he was also tired, and anyway, the city was not far away, whose inn He was supposed to stay at night. On the orders of Prince Asad, the eldest son of Amir Hamza, he was going to the neighboring country for an important task, but this country was far away and he knew that it would take him several days to reach there. Will start. So he was in no hurry. He just wanted to reach the inn before nightfall when suddenly he heard a distant scream.  Umro Ayyar was shocked when he heard this voice. The horse also raised its ears. When the sound of shouting was heard once again, the horse began to neigh uncontrollably. Umaro Uiyar turned the horse’s direction in that direction from where he heard the sound of shouting. The voice was that of a woman.

Umro Ayyar Or Tund Mund Jungle Details

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 When the sound of shouting was heard once again, Umro saddled the horse and the horse started running. Perhaps the horse himself wanted to go to the place from where the screams were coming. When Umro reached there, he was surprised to see that there was a huge forest of leafless trees.  Among these trees, there was also a large lake of water, on the edge of which there were bushes with big leaves, but all the trees there were without leaves. Such trees are called Tund Mund trees.
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