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 Umro Or Botal Ka Jin

Umro Ayyar or botal ka jin is a great and interesting story and in this story Umro Ayyar collides with a genie that is trapped in a bottle. The story is full of interesting incidents.

How does the bottle ka jin behave with Umaro, is he going to harm Umaro or will he become Omar’s friend.

Umro Ayyar Or Botal Ka Jin Story

Umro Ayyar was advancing towards the army of Sardar Amir Hamza, driving a horse of age and quality. He went to the country of Iran as an envoy of Sardar Amir Hamza with a message and he gave the message of Sardar Amir Hamza to the Shah of Iran and then returned without stopping there.

 In those days, as there was a great war between the armies of Sardar Amir Hamza and Emperor Afrasiab, Umaro was also regularly participating in this war.  Sardar Amir Hamza sent him a message asking him to go to Iran, so Umro was worried for a moment.  His heart did not want him to leave the war.

But since it was the command of Sardar Amir Hamza, he took his message and left immediately, and after delivering the message, he did not try to stop there and left for his return on the same day.

 He must have been tired because he had to travel long distances twice in one day. He was driving the horse. The shadows of the evening were getting darker and Umro was trying to reach the army of Sardar Amir Hamza by nightfall. His horse’s name was Storm and he was running very fast as a storm. At that time, Umro Ayyar was passing through a forest, because there was a special way to go from one end to the other end of the forest, so the speed of the horse did not decrease. The horse must have crossed half of the forest when suddenly the horse’s speed started to slow down.

Umro Or Botal Ka Jin Details 

Book Name: Umro Or Botal Ka Jin

Warter: Zaheer Ahmed 

Book Size: 2.55 MB

Book Pages: 57

Category: Umro Ayyar Stories 

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