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 Umro Or Sardar Jadogar

Umro Sardar Jadugar is a very interesting story for kids this is one of the most famous Umro Ayyar Urdu stories must read stories of Umro Ayyar Urdu Kahani. Umro Ayyar is a very famous Urdu story character kids like this character and his missions.

Umro or sardar jadogar

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Umro Or Sadar Jadogar Book Details

Book Size: 2.75 MB
Book Writer: Mazhar Kaleem MA
Pages: 43
Series: Umro Ayyar
Posted By: Pakurdulabs

Umro Or Sadar Jadogar Story

Umro was in a deep sleep when someone knocked on the door of his room and his eyes opened uncontrollably.  It was very bright in the room but it was dark outside the window, so Umro looked at the window and understood that it was not yet night, but the door was constantly and very fast.

 was being knocked. who is? Umro said loudly.  Open the gate. When he heard the sound of his servant from outside, Khawaja Umro got down from the bed, put on his shoes, and as soon as he opened the door, he got a strong push and he jumped on the floor on his back. but fell  As if his staff was flying above him, Agra and Umro’s mouths screamed once more because the heavy staff’s fall really made him feel as if all the bones in his body were broken.  The servant had moved quickly aside as he fell upon him when at that moment a wrestler-like man with a terrible face entered.  He had a big mustache.  There was a crown on the head.  There was anger and hatred in his eyes.  He entered and picked up the basket of Khawaja Umro which was placed on the head of the bed and went out as fast as he had entered – hey hey who is this  Hey, my Zanbil, Umro cried when he saw this wrestler taking Zanbil and got up helplessly and ran after him, but it was dark outside. To read the full story download the book.


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