Vivo Y21 15 Hidden Features You Did Not Know

Vivo Y21: 15 Hidden Features You Might Not Know

The Vivo Y21 is a smartphone that’s packed with features to enhance the user experience. While the main attractions often get the spotlight there are several hidden treasures within this device that many users might not be fully aware of. Here’s a curated list of 15 hidden features of the Vivo Y21 that can help you make the most out of your smartphone experience.

1. S-Capture

The Vivo Y21 comes with a feature called S Capture which allows you to take screenshots in a variety of ways. You can capture a long screenshot a rectangular screenshot or even record the screen.

2. App Clone

Want to run two instances of the same app? The App Clone feature enables you to create a duplicate of social media apps like WhatsApp or Facebook letting you manage multiple accounts with ease.

3. Easy Share

Transferring data to a new phone can be tedious. With Vivo’s Easy Share moving your data apps and settings from an old phone to your Y21 is simple and fast.

4. iManager

Clean up your phone easily with the iManager. It not only helps to clear the cache but also manages the phone’s security and performance.

5. Ultra Game Mode

Gamers rejoice the Ultra Game Mode is created to optimize the smartphone’s performance during gaming reducing frame drop and managing notification disturbances.

6. Dark Mode Schedule

Eye strain from the screen at night? The Vivo Y21 lets you schedule the Dark Mode making it automatic to switch during your preferred times.

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7. Smart Motion

With Smart Motion a range of motion activated features are at your disposal. From waking up the screen to launching apps these intuitive gestures make navigation a breeze.

8. Smart Split

Multitasking is effortless with Smart Split. Watch a video and text simultaneously just with a simple three finger swipe on the screen.

9. Side Fingerprint Sensor

The side mounted fingerprint sensor isn’t just for unlocking your phone. It can be customized to open apps or perform other functions with a single tap.

10. Face Wake

Fast and responsive Face Wake unlocks your phone by recognizing your facial features. It adds an extra layer of personalized security.

11. Jovi Smart Scene

Get timely reminders and weather updates with Jovi Smart Scene. It learns your habits and provides information that aligns with your day to day activities.

12. Flashlight Notifications

Instead of just sound and vibration set your phone to flash the torch for incoming calls and notifications. This is especially handy in loud environments or when the phone is on silent.

13. One Handed Mode

For those times when you can only spare one hand the one handed mode shrinks the display to a manageable size.

14. Kids Mode

Keep your children safe when they use your phone with Kids Mode which allows you to restrict app usage and available content.

15. Document Mode in Camera

Taking pictures of documents? The Vivo Y21 has a dedicated Document Mode in the camera app for clear and optimized snapshots of documents.

These hidden features really show off the thoughtfulness of Vivo’s interface design. While using a Vivo Y21 digging into these settings can help personalize and optimize your user experience showing just how much this smartphone has to offer beyond the surface. Whether it’s efficiency entertainment or utility you’re looking for the Vivo Y21’s hidden features have got something for everyone.

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