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 Free Zong Internet Code

Zong is Pakistan’s largest network with millions of users. And the majority of these crores of people are those who are either poor or middle class. And all these people are always looking for zong free internet code. That is why today’s article has been written to fulfill the needs of all these people. In this article, all the codes or ways to get free zong internet code have been explained.

5 Codes For Zong Free Internet 2023

1. Zong 15GB  free internet code 
2. Zong 28GB free internet code 
3. Zong 50GB free internet code 
4. Zong 80GB free internet code
5. Zong 150GB free internet code

Zong 15GB Free Internet Code

15GB Zong free internet is a one of the best free offer with 3 months validity. Dial *310*1*10# to get this offer.

Zong 28GB Free Internet Code 

To get 28GB data dial *310*1*13# and enjoy for 3 months. 14GB flat and 14GB social data.

Zong 50GB Free Internet Code

To get this 50GB free internet dial *310*1*17# 25GB social and 25GB flat data.

Zong 80GB Free Internet Code

To get this 80GB free internet offer dial *310*1*31# (20GB social and 60GB flat data).

Zong 150GB Free Internet Code

To get this biggest free offer of 150GB Internet dial *223*1*8#. This offer is valid for 30 days.

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How To Check Remaining

To check remaining data of 15GB, 28GB, 50GB and 80GB offers dial *300*6# and to check 150GB data offer remaining data dial *223*4#.

If any code doesn’t work then tell us in comment we will update the code. 

More Free Zong Free Internet Methods

Sim Lagao Free Zong Internet
To get this free internet dial *2244# on your Zong sim you can this data on every sim ust use this trick.
Remove the Zong SIM from the mobile and after 24 hours insert the sim in another slot of the same mobile if you have single sim mobile then insert in another phone and try code now you will get free internet by this way.

My Zong App

If you haven’t used My Zong app, install it now. First time using this app you will get 6 GB free Zong internet which you can use for 7 days.

My Zong App Gift

My Zong app also has a gift option through which you can get free internet daily. Go to Zong Rewards and select a circle and get 10 to 50 MB daily.

Zong Free Internet VPN 2023

Download Apna Tunnel VPN and find the Zong free internet option turn on and enjoy Zong free internet in 2023.

Download Mx Tunnel VPN

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