How to unbanned from whatsapp quickly

 Unban WhatsApp Banned Account

If your WhatsApp account has been banned, how to unban it, all these details are in this “How to unbanned from whatsapp quickly” article, we will discuss, I will tell you all the details, how you can unban your banned WhatsApp account.  It’s very easy, not too difficult, but first you need to understand why your account is banned, if your account is banned, then you need to know why your account is banned.  You will know the reason only after that you will be able to unban your account. If you do not know the reason why your account has been banned, you will not be able to play it even after unbanning it.  Because after that it will be banned again, so first you need to understand why your account is banned and how to use it after unbanning.

Why WhatsApp Account Banned 

Following are the reasons why your WhatsApp account may be banned.

1. Frequent ID creation and frequent deletion.

2. Multiple ID logins on different devices.

3. Repeatedly logging in IDs from different places or creating and deleting IDs using VPN.

4. Not following WhatsApp Community Guidelines.

5. Sending or receiving content on WhatsApp that is not allowed on WhatsApp.

6. Interfering with the privacy of a contact or a WhatsApp number.

7. If your account has been reported more than once, you have mismessaged someone or harassed someone and they have reported your account, even if it is reported more than once, the account will be banned.

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How To Unban WhatsApp Account

Now the most important step is how to unban your WhatsApp account. It is a very simple process to unban an account but after completing this process it depends on your violation how you have violated the community guidelines or WhatsApp policies.
If your violation of Community Guidelines or WhatsApp is not too frequent or does not cause much problem to anyone or is not too dangerous to anyone, then your account will be unbanned just in 24 hours.

Method 1. To Unbanned WhatsApp Number

You can unban your account by following the steps below. 

1. Open the official help and support page of WhatsApp and fill the form there.
2. First of all, after selecting your country, you have to write your phone number which has been banned.
3. Enter your email address and in the second box below, enter the same email address for confirmation.

4. In this step you have to select your device on which you use WhatsApp and on which you want to unban.

5. In this step, you have to write the details of your account which is banned, tell the reason why your account is banned and request to unban it to WhatsApp team that you have banned it. It was my reason to ban, so my account has been banned and I will not do this next time. 
Write or copy paste this paragraph in this box. 
(Dear whatsapp team I need your help my whatsapp account has been banned and I am not able to use whatsapp I have not done any illegal act on my intention if something has happened by mistake please help next time be careful to use WhatApp.) 

6. After writing the paragraph you have to click on next step. 

7. In the next step you have to click on send questions. 

Now all the steps are completed, now you can read below that your account has gone under review and it will take three working days to review your account, within three days your account will be reviewed. There are 90 percent chances that your account will be active, if still your account is not reactivated, then the reason will also be told to you in the email, after which you can resolve this reason.

Method 2. To Unbanned WhatsApp Number

If you receive email like this 

Then open WhatsApp application and add your number and request for OTP when this type of Support button appears click on Support. 

Then describe your problem by writing or pasting same paragraph wgich you used before to request for review. 
Add screenshots of whatsapp banned problem it’s better to take screenshots when you get error. 
Now upload screenshots if possible if you don’t have no problem just write the paragraph and click next. 

Now press this green button to proceed. 

Now you are redirected to the gmail just click on send button and email will be send and your account will be unbanned in 24 hours. 

Method 3. To Unbanned WhatsApp Number

3rd step is very easy just copy the paragraph and paste in gmail to send on this email adress. (

By following all these steps you can unban your  WhatsApp account and use it again. Hope you like this article “How to unbanned from whatsapp quickly” . If you like the article, please express your opinion in the comment.

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