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Umro Ayyar Or Sabz Jadogar

The series of children’s stories in Urdu is very famous. Umaro Ayyar is a favorite character of children. The way Umro fights with magicians, jinns and fairies, children like him very much. Umro’s Zanbeel is loved by children, which contains millions of crores of treasure. 
This story “Umro Or Sabz Jadogar” is an interesting story in which Umro Ayyar has a clash with a Sabz Jadogar and there are many funny incidents and this story is going to make you love it.

Umro Ayyar Or Sabz Jadogar Story Plot

Umro Ayyar was leaving the house and going to the market to buy some vegetables for lunch.  By chance, on the way he saw a cucumber on the ground.  The cucumber looked green and very fresh.  Umro picked up the cucumber and thought that perhaps the cucumber had fallen there from the hand of a passer-by and the passer-by did not know.  However, on reaching home, this passer-by will find that the cucumber has fallen somewhere, so the poor person will be very worried. Umro thought that a good deed should be done and the cucumber should be brought to its owner, but it was very difficult to find out, so Umro thought it better to stay at that place and wait for the owner.  When the owner of the cucumber reaches home and finds the cucumber missing, he will definitely come on the same path in search of the cucumber.  So Umro stayed there and told the owner of the cucumbere began to wait.

 Only a few moments had passed when suddenly his hand began to tingle.  Amr was startled and looked at his hand, which had a cucumber in it, and he was immediately frightened because the cucumber was moving in his hand like a snake.  Amr screamed and immediately threw the cucumber-like snake on the ground, but as soon as it fell on the ground, the green snake with the shape and color of wood stood on its tail and laughed out of its mouth, so Umro jumped spontaneously. Ha  Ha  Ha  Amr Ayar.  Why are you scared?  Why is your face pale with fear? The snake

Said to Umro. 

 “My face is only pale, but you are whole.”

 “Cucumbers are all green.”  Umro said angrily.

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