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Jasoosi Digest May 2023 

 Jasoosi Digest is a very popular magazines in Pakistan with millions of readers and a huge number of likes. This is a very old digest. 

Lovers of Urdu literature read jasoosi digest with great interest.  Each story in this digest is unique and if you start reading this digest, you cannot leave without finishing because from the beginning to the end jasoosi digest is full of interest.

 Jasoosi Digest was first published in January 1971 and quickly reached the heights of popularity.

 This month’s Jasoosi Digest has come online and Jasoosi Digest May 2023 is a collection of very beautiful and unique stories.

 People eagerly wait for jasoosi digest because of interesting stories.  And as soon as it comes out, it sells thousands of copies.


Book: Jasoosi Digest May 2023
Pages: 243
Size: 51 MB
Stories: 13
Publisher: JDP (Jasoosi Digest Publications).

Content List Jasoosi Digest May 2023

1: Zinda murda
2: Saaya
3: Charagar
4: Dehr
5: Khoj
6: Ishq e Natamam
7: Bebaak
8: Chakma
9: Pighaltey rishtey
10: Khobsorat maut
Jasoosi Digest May 2023 Writers 

  1. Amjad Raees
  2. Imran Qureshi
  3. Tahir Javed Mughal
  4. Hassam Butt
  5. A R Rajpoot
  6. Ahmed Saleem Saleemi
  7. Aqs Fatima
  8. Aisha Naseer
  9. Asma Qadri
  10. M Iqbal

Main Story

Dehr is the main story of Jasoosi digest may 2023 this is the 10th episode of this story. 
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Jasoosi Digest May 2023

You will receive the best quality and format from Jasoosi Digest May 2023, which you can easily play on your smartphone or computer. You can read the best stories and histories written by well-known Pakistani authors in this summary. When discussing some of the best historical novels that have been published on Jasoosi Digest, Shikari,

Aatish Fishan, Angarey, Sarkash, Madari, Mafror and Sadiyon ka beta.

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