Suspense Digest May 2023 Download PDF

Suspense digest May 2023

Suspense digest is a very famous digest and people from all over the world like this digest but this digest is very famous in Pakistan and out side of also most readers from Pakistan. 

If we look at the list of digests in Urdu literature, Suspense Digest is one of the top and few famous digests. 

There many more digests like Jasoosi digest, khawateen digest, kiran digest, Shuaa digest, Sarguzasht digest, Anchal digest, Rida digest, Khaufnak digest, Dar digest etc. 

These all are the famous digests of Pakistan. 

You can download these all digest from PakUrdulabs

The famous Suspense digest stories

  1. Mout ke sodagar famous novel of Aqleem Aleem
  2. Nirwan ki talaash famous novel of MA Rahat
  3. Anari famous novel of Ahmed Iqbal
  4. Devta most famous novel of Mohiuddin Nawab
  5. Firoon famous novel of  Sheen Sagheer Adeeb
  6. Taloot famous novel of MA Rahat
  7. Darkashan famous novel of Anwar Siddique 
  8. Janaum Kada famous novel of Hafeez Iqbal
  9. Sheesh mahal famous novel of Asma Qadri
  10. Kashkool famous novel of Anwar Siddique 
  11. Marvi famous novel of Mohiuddin Nawab
  12. Musafi famous novel of Nasir Malik
  13. Waqat famous novel of Husam Butt
  14. Aaqabla famous novel of Anwar Siddique 

There are many more famous stories. 

Suspense Digest is published after every 30 days and is a monthly digest. Monthly Suspense Digest May 2023 consists of one or two episodes and 10 to 11 short stories.

 Suspense digest may 2023 is published before the first date of the end of april and you can get Suspense digest may 2023 from all major bookstores and if you want to read it online, you can read it from our website after the 20th of each month.

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Book: Suspense Digest may 2023
Pages: 222
Size: 45 MB
Stories: 13
Publisher: JDP (Jasoosi Digest Publications).

Content List

  1. 1: Neesh e ishq
  2. 2: Aatish Raqabat
  3. 3: Shehzor
  4. 4: Badsorat
  5. 5: Afrait
  6. 6: Badgar
  7. 7: Gawah
  8. 8: Aik Lamha
  9. 9: Surkh File
  10. 10: Jangbaz
  11. 11: Andhi Gali
  12. 12:Pachtawa
  13. Aba Ji

Main Story
This month’s best story published on Suspense Digest is Shahzor the life story of a young man who faces a new challenge every day.  This month it will be published the 39th episode of this story.

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Suspense Digest May 2023

Suspense digest may 2023 you will get in best quality and best format which you can easily read on your phone or PC.  Suspense digest may 2023 is a collection of best stories and stories of famous writers of Pakistan you can read here. 

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