NAYAPAY Account Creation Tutorial

 NAYAPAY Review 

Naya Pay Pakistan is a very good application for international transaction using which you can do any international transaction and any online payment from here by taking Naya Pay card which is Visa card.  Uppayment can be done there very easily, you can send money from any valid Cash Easy Paisa or any bank account from Apnaya Pay.

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How To Create Nayapay Account 

Creating a Naya Pay account is very easy, you have to open the Naya Pay application and after that two options will appear in front of you, one option will appear in front of you and an option will appear to register.  

You have to click on it, like you will click on register. 

You will get an option in front of you, first name, last name, you have to put first and last name, after that you have to write an email. 

After doing this, another page will appear in front of you where you have to add your phone number and your network as soon as you add your phone number and after that you have to add your network. 

You have to select Zong Telenor or whatever it is, now you will receive a OTP code. 

Now create your Nayapay unique ID and Password. 

after selecting it you will go to Next and thus your account will be created.

How To Create Nayapay Wallet 

After creating a New Pay account, the next step is to create a New Pay wallet. Without creating a wallet, you cannot use NayaPay.  One you have to take your selfie and one you need your ID card i.e. CNIC then you have to keep your ID card with you and after that you have front camera of your mobile. It should be correct, after that, as soon as you click on create wallet,

When you click on create wallet now add your addresses. 

You will be presented with the option to take a clean selfie. After taking a selfie, there is a confirmation that the selfie has been taken correctly or you want to take it again.

 After you have to scan your ID card, it gives you the option to scan the first page of the ID card, as soon as you scan the first page, it automatically tells you that  The next page which is the back page is the back side of the ID card, then they scan the back side of the ID card. Verify information then press continue. 

Now everything completed just click on done and allow for media access. 

It is done in this way, by creating your own wallet, you can do all your transactions and you can use this Naya Pay without creating a Naya Pay wallet, remember that you are not using Naya Pay.  You can’t create a card from here, you can’t do any transaction from here, and you can’t receive the balance in it, so it is necessary that your new pay wallet be created.

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