Step-by-Step Guide: Adding Free Urdu Fonts to Pixellab in Minutes

PixelLab Photo Editor 

 PixelLab is a very advanced graphic designing application. If you are a graphic designer, your graphic designing setup can never be complete without PixelLab. It is also an application like Pixart.  It works the same way, but is not more advanced than PickSort. PixelLab is not more advanced than PixArt because you get a lot of features in PixArt and in PixelLab you get very few and limited features but the features in PixelLab you get.  Some of the features that are not found on PixArt are very good and you can easily find them here which you do not find in PixArt.

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PixelLab Unique Features

1. Text Layout: Any word or paragraph written by you can be moved to the side of the page, to the center of the page, that is, to set it up anywhere.  It is very easy and here you get an option with which you can do the layout of any text very easily and in a good way.

2. Texture: Another feature is its texture. You can upload any image as a texture on top of any word.

3. Mask: Another feature of this is the mask, you can use the mask to edit any photo, this is a very advanced feature.

4. Font: Talking about another advanced feature, here you get the best type of fonts, here you can easily add any fonts you want, I will also explain how to add fonts here.  If you want to add a new font, Urdu, Hindi, or any font, how will you add it here?

How to add new fonts in Pixellab?

To add the font, you have to open the font first. When you open the font, you will get an option of My Font in the middle of the top-up. You have to click on it.  On the side, you will get two options on the top, one will be for a file with a plus sign on it and the other is a folder with a plus sign on it.  If you want to choose, you have to choose the folder, as soon as you click on the folder or file, your internal memory will open, the file you have kept in this folder, the font you have selected.  If there are more in the folder, then you have to select the folder and select the entire folder and make it OK. In this way, all the fonts you have will be added and you have single.  If you have to click on the single file, you can bring the fonts here one by one from there and then whenever you want to use them, you just have to click on My Fonts.  If you want to change any font, these fonts will be saved here forever in My Font as long as they are saved in your memory.

Download Urdu Fonts 

Download Urdu Fonts Pack

Download advance english fonts

5. Text Background: Another feature that I like very much is its text background. If you change the background of any text, you can change the borders of it, make the borders longer or shorter.  You can make goals and shape them as you want, this is a very nice feature that you don’t get out there in pixart.

6. Embos: Another very powerful feature is called Emboss, you can use it to design any graphics in the best way.

7. 3D Text:  3D text is another best feature of it, by using which you can change any of your text in 3D and also create its shadow.

PixelLab Speciality 

These were some of the main features of PixelLab that I have introduced you to, and it also has a lot of options that you won’t find in PixArt or any other application like here you can edit any of your photos. You can change it to any size you want through the design given here, like you put your Facebook cover, make a YouTube thumbnail, make a YouTube cover, then you will find all those things here.  There is no need to change anything, you can find the exact size here and you can save any image in full high quality from here.  You can use it for any of your needs. 

Download Pixellab Free 

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